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A good Christmas December 26, 2010

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What defines a good Christmas, I suppose depends on what you believe in for Christmas.  Whether it’s family, Jesus’ birth, a tree, gifts or nothing, makes the day (or two) have a lot more, or less meaning.  For us, it’s very much religious and a lot of family.  Gifts are great, of course the boys are still at the age where they are still more excited about Santa, than Jesus, but that will change as they get older I imagine, and family could come or go.  They’ve been all over and have gotten rather used to either having, or not having family; which is good, since they may, or may not have family every Christmas.

This year, it was just us again.  While having family around IS very nice, having some alone years is nice also.  Spending the day in your pajamas, eating, sleeping, playing, all have a nice feeling to them compared to rushing through your gifts, then to the next house and then to the next house.  But again, I do miss our families, and that does come with getting to be with them. 

Knowing that the hubby will be gone for at least the next one, made this one feel a little nicer.  Next year will be spent with family, without him, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet.  No matter how I feel though, it will still happen. 

The gifts were all given, we’re all happy.  Everyone got something they really enjoy.  Myself, I got an Alfred Hitchcock series, including some silent ones from the 20’s.  I love A.H. and I love the old movies, so this should be good.  The hubby got a new Kindle and some snazzy pics of me, which sounds weird, except I don’t normally allow pics of me, so this is a good thing.  The first-born got a new grill and the three younger ones got several new movies, among other things.  They each got new down comforters with hand dyed covers.  They ALL really liked those – few, ’cause they were tough to dye because of their size.

The first-born also gave me an unintended gift of saving me money when my computer pulled a blue screen of almost death (it just flashed its blue buns at me, instead of staying blue).  We’re still attempting to recover everything though.  Not only was I very impressed that he was able to do this, but he jumped to it and got it all done in one night.  It was so nice of him!  And the hubby stayed and watched a movie with us while my stomach calmed down; I don’t need anything else to break, really, I don’t!

Speaking of broken.. I did get the fourth-borns bed fixed for him, as a gift *giggle*.  He WAS very excited as I thought he would be, and I don’t think he’ll be jumping on his bed again, at least at this house. 

This, I guess is my definition of a good Christmas (short of getting in some church).  Having my family with me all day, calm and quiet and enjoying each other.  And, thank goodness, they all remembered the real reason for Christmas last night and this morning, especially when they saw far fewer gifts under the tree than normal – made me very proud!

I hope everyone’s Christmas was just as good, if not better!


Any thoughts?

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