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Here’s to a warm Holiday! December 30, 2010

There is something to be said for 65* on Christmas – or warmer for that matter.  While I thoroughly enjoy snow, even like to shovel it and don’t mind driving in it one bit and miss it often, seems as how most places we move to don’t get it; I could seriously get used to sending my boys out to play on Christmas day.

Christmas day for us had a little rain; made it feel more Christmas-e for us, since that’s what we’re used to.  And the house up north, got nearly 2 feet the next day.  I was a smidgen jealous, until that is, I realized I get to send my boys out to play in just their shirts and sandals and I don’t have to deal with the crazy snow drivers, not to mention shoveling for 2 hours, only to have the plows dump it all back on the side-walk! 

When I got up this morning, the boys had already been playing outside for about an hour and by the time they came in, it was nearly 6 pm.  I actually got some cleaning done and a quiet house.  I’m not very used to that – still not sure if I like it?  I even opened the windows!  Hmm – I could get used to this!

As I was telling the hubby this, he mentioned “Guam would be in the 80*’s you know”.  To which I replied, “Yes, but if we were in Guam, I’d be in my swimsuit and surfing.  This is not Guam!”  I could only imagine the shipping costs of fabric, yarn and schooling supplies to Guam – Yeash!

I am making my best effort to enjoy the last few days of vacation before school starts again.  Between paying the bills, making phone calls on repairs, policies, rental shopping, *still* trying to get the fourth-borns laptop fixed, and schoolwork sent back, I’m not sure I’m accomplishing this goal.  However, I am getting in the max amount of sleeping in and not working out.  My body will be happy to be off vacation I think.

I got the fourth-borns bed done; proof, once again, that I AM a good mom!













I took the first-born out to drive yesterday and he was telling me how frustrating it was that the driver’s ed teacher had a brake pedal.  Hmm – am I the only one that thinks this is cheating?  I don’t get a brake pedal?  Where’s my brake pedal?  And for that matter – I want a gas pedal too!  When I say gun-it, I mean GUN-IT!  He is doing a great job though.  He took me out to the driver’s course and parallel parked for about 30 minutes.

He made dinner tonight on his new grill.  Burgers of course; we’ll break him into more foods soon enough.  We have some salmon in the freezer (mmmm – salmon!) that we think will cook nicely on the grill.  I’m quite sure he’ll have to watch Alton Brown several times before he decides on which recipe, method and sides he will need first.  The people at the store, were so excited about a 16-year-old wanting a grill for Christmas that they found all sorts of discounts for us.  I REALLY appreciated that!  And he’s VERY happy with his grill.

I finished my hat yesterday and of course, it looks terrible on me, but if it’s cold, I’ll still wear it.  It is warm though and very stylish.  I am almost finished with my outfit.  I have the hem and jacket sleeves to finish.  It looks a little snug on “Betty” length wise, and it’s a little snug on my belly at this time, but that’s that whole “I’m not working out during the holidays” issue.  If I ever have a place to wear it, I should look pretty good.  I might even have to break out the heels… but let’s not get to carried away yet!


Any thoughts?

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