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Sewing time-out January 2, 2011

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With my knitting basket all cleared out of any current projects, I thought it would be the perfect time to finish up my jumpsuit; my jumpsuit, however, had something else in mind.  It is now in “time-out”.

I am the only person I know of, that can sew for anyone, just about anything, with just about anything – except for me!  I know my own measurements, I even have “Betty” to assist, and yet, I still can’t get what I make to fit?  Maybe I’m too picky?  Maybe I go to quickly on mine?  Maybe, maybe…. oh, I don’t know?

So, while it hangs from Betty, thinking about what it’s doing to me, I’m picking out my next knitting/sewing projects to take my mind off my irritation.  The hubby and I were given money for Christmas to spend on only things we want; not that we need.  So, after paying for swimming at the Y, I’ll have enough left over to buy some yarn and some fabric for a swimsuit for myself to go swimming.  Fit shouldn’t be an issue, since it’s stretchy, I have a little wiggle room.  *FEW*

So I’m on the hunt.  I’m thinking 1950’ish looking, just for fun.  Besides, you really can’t swim all that well in a bikini, that’s more for sitting and reading… and grossing out your children!  As for the yarn, I’m thinking of making a very light sweater I saw on one of my favorite shows (the one here looks just like it, only not in the yucky pink).  The yarn that I wanted to use for Christmas gifts, is back in stock and I would only need two skeins.  About $23, that’s my kind of price!  Only instead of a cardi, I’m going to make it a pull over with slight bell sleeves.  I’m thinking it should be in Copper, but we’ll see?  They also have a wonderfully yummy discounted yarn that I’m eyeballing, it doesn’t have a lot of yardage though, so I’m not sure what I could make with it, that would be cost-effective?  But it comes in my color!

I have made a recent discovery as to why my sweaters that I knit for myself never fit.  After looking at numerous patterns, I’ve discovered that the average adult pattern starts at about 6-9 inches bigger than what I need – no wonder they are all so big on me!  And why it took me so long to figure this out, I don’t know?  No one said I was quick.  So, now that I’m armed with this new piece of information, I should be able to pick better patterns or adjust existing ones to fit me.

Today was our last day of Christmas vacation; I’m not ready for school to start again, but start it will, in spite of wanting another day off, the third-borns computer STILL not being back and the boys trying to convince me that I “really didn’t schedule school to start on Monday” – pfft, like I could honestly start school on a Tuesday without having a break down – Silly boys!  As much as I love a good break, I am looking forward to the quiet and calm of the school day.

So tomorrow we’ll be getting back to the grind, making phone calls and paying bills.  Yup, sounds like a Monday.  I should do something wild, crazy, completely out of the blue, like clean…. or wear a dress!  Nah – we don’t want to scare anyone.


Any thoughts?

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