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Hey, my boys are pretty cool! January 3, 2011

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First day back from Christmas vaca.  Always tough, always slow, always interesting.  After getting a 30 minute late start because the boys “forgot” today was a school day, I hustled them to their respective spots at which they choose to do schoolwork and they start with their usual “I didn’t get breakfast yet, because I forgot today was school!”  “I didn’t take my shower yet!”  Yet?  You haven’t taken one in a week, and now all of a sudden you feel the need to be clean?  They pulled out a few more, but I won’t bore you with the details; needless to say, the started their schoolwork. 

The hubby got home early today, and the fist thing we got to do is put more medicine on the big dog’s bum.  She get’s what we call “zits” but they’re really some sort of “cootie” that lives in her and breaks out when it becomes too much.  Normally she get’s a few little one’s on her face, we put her medicine on and they goes away.  This particular “zit” on her back side is now about the size of a tangerine.  We’d have taken her in already, but it got this bad on Friday, and the vet won’t be back in until tomorrow – and it’s not exactly an emergency.  So, while the hubby lies on her, keeping her gangly legs under control, I get the dubious job of putting her medicine on her patootie – yay me.  It’s pretty gnarly, not to mention it hurts her pretty bad when I put the medicine on.  I can’t wait to call the vet tomorrow! 

The boys got their work done in record time and began their idea of a real day, play time.  Which means I get to finally take a shower and make phone calls.  Our mail arrived late today, which is when I discovered that according to the state up north, which is where “that house” still stands, the state has decided that since we don’t have a license through them, we never lived there.  Funny?  We lived there enough to pay taxes?  We lived there enough to go to court?  Hmm – so now my challenge is to prove that we exist to that state.  I’m actually not to upset over this, it’s more of a challenge to me.  It got me riled up, but with out the anger and irritation I usually get when dealing with this state.  Few – I must be calming back down!  So, tomorrow will be spent trying to come up with said paperwork.

The first-born made dinner again on his grill, very good as always.  The second-born assisted, making the yummies to put on the burgers.  The third-born entertained the big dog, so she wouldn’t sit under the grill waiting for the burgers to drop and the fourth-born made the fries.  Ah – good boys!

As the boys were getting ready for bed, I put in a cd that the hubby bought me for Christmas; The Message.  I just wanted to see what it sounded like.  As soon as I put it in, the boys turned off their video game, sat down on the couch and quietly listened.  It kind of freaked me out at first; but they were intently listening, asking a few questions and understanding it.  I was so surprised, and excited!  I guess, hearing it, is easier than reading it.  After all, isn’t that the way people got the bible for hundreds of years?  Someone else reading it?  Yes, I know, if I were a good mom, I’d read it.  But we’ve already established that I’m not, and that I’m ok with that, so let’s move on.  And this version is much more understandable that the older versions.  Although, even the author of the this version states that you need to use it with a real bible, but it’s a good stepping stone I’m thinking.   That was just way to cool!

As the fourth-born was hopping into bed, he asked his oldest brother if he can play with the plasma ball.  As he was playing he discovered that if he brought a light bulb close to the ball, it came on!  He thought this was just too cool!  He comes running out to tell me his new scientific discovery!  So of course, being a homeschool mom, I had to ask the “why” questions.  And he knew them, he thought it out and told me the how’s.  He went back in to try a few other things, that didn’t work, but were worth trying.

It’s just the most amazing thing to watch your kids’ minds grow!  It makes me feel so privileged that I get to be there for it, and help them along.  So cool!  Makes me want to make something explode tomorrow, just to see their faces.

Obviously no knitting or sewing was done today, in light of the “way coolness” of the evening.  But a good work out did ensue and made bed, all that much more appealing.


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