My Blanken World

My world of boys, textiles and moving.

One of THOSE weeks January 28, 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying it was a bad week.  I’m merely stating that it was trying to be that obnoxious, ugly, bad week that makes you want to run and hide; but I prevailed!!

Monday was rainy and rotten.  I love rain, it’s renewing, fresh and makes everything smell good… normally.  The grass here turns brown in the winter, even when it rains, making everything look dead and depressing.  And we’re on top of an old field, so when it rains, it smells like a dairy farm… yum.

But the next day was warm and beautiful!

Tuesday, I had a “nice” little chat with someone I love dearly where they told me how my hubby – who, while taking care of his family, made officer twice, graduated dental school, helped raise 4 fabulous boys, all while able to let his wife stay home – won’t amount to anything other than a soldier (among other things), as though this is a bad thing?  YOU DON’T MESS WITH MY HUBBY!

But out of that I realized that I love what the hubby does and it’s definitely worth the few downsides!

Wednesday, knit night was canceled and the right shoulder of my sweater took TWICE as long as it should have.  Bleck.

But I got an extra work out!

Thursday, I discovered the boys and their friends had broken a window – grrrr.

But the new parts showed up for the stove and microwave and are now installed!

Friday was the best by far.  I missed out on swimming with the boys, but I got to talk to their former swim instructor the whole time.  And then when I got home, the hubby took me out on a Walyworld date – love that man!

There are always weeks like this.  I could have just let it run straight over me, and it has at times, but this week I got the better of it. 

The sweater front is done, I got paperwork filed from the last 5 years (why do I move these things around?), I’m going to work on my outfit currently in time-out and finally get my fabric ordered for my swimsuit.  The hubby has a movie waiting for us to watch and I have a bridal shower planned for tomorrow and to top it all off, I made two good dinners in one week – it’s good, it’s all good!


Any thoughts?

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