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The day before – February 2, 2011

The hubby is leaving tomorrow for a few days.  I usually enjoy my “mini-vaca”, where I do all the things he tells me not to do while he’s home.  It usually entails knocking out a wall, building something large or a massive gardening project that he doesn’t really want.

I think he’s safe this time.

We’re in a rental, so knocking out walls is a no-no.  We’re getting ready to move so putting in a garden, or gardening at all in February is not an issue – mind you, it was 75* here today, *snicker*.  And I can’t build anything to large, since it’s a pain to move.

So what’s a girl to do, to get into a little “handy-girl” trouble?

I have some paperwork to hunt down and some tickets to order for when he get’s back – that’s boring “wife stuff” though.  I’ll be working on my outfit from time-out and my sweater, but that’s  “seamstress” stuff.  I have some school paper work to fill out, but yet again, that’s boring “mom stuff”.  There’s a window to repair, cabinets to be adjusted and shades to be removed.  Hhmmm –

I want to take my tools out, I want to get dirty, I want to be sore the next day, I want a little burn on my cheeks (the one’s on my face, thank you very much!).

Nine days after all, is a decent amount of time to get in a good project during the wee hours of the night, after schoolwork is done, after the boys need me, when “mom-time” is over (at least as much as it can be).

I’ve put 5 tons of dirt down in one day, built a cabinet to act as my sewing room and then a year later, moved it downstairs to suit me better.  I’ve repaired a bathroom and re-repaired a bathroom, there has to be something good I can get into?

 And my FAVORITE so far –

Knocked out the wall, pulled out all the weird stuff they had previously stored behind the wall, re-insulated and installed shelving and drawers.

Knocked out the wall, pulled out the straw insulation and added new insulation and put in shelving.


So,tonight while we finish packing.  And somewhere between folding laundry, working out, enjoying my knit night and getting in that extra hug before the hubby leaves in the morning, I’ll be searching the net, some books and my mind for some good trouble to get into!

Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “The day before –”

  1. I was looking to doing something similar. Looks pretty good!

    • blankenmom Says:

      Thanks!! I fully admit to using pre-fab drawers and shelving, but I rebuilt the studs in the wall and reinforced them on top of that. (They weren’t load bearing walls, it just made me feel more secure). If I were still in that house, I probably would have put more in, in various parts of the house. I highly recommend this minor project. It was easy and definately gave us a lot more room! (I don’t have a dresser, so this made it so I wasn’t living out of a box.)

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