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New sneakers! February 9, 2011

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It was the hubby’s birthday on Monday and he got to celebrate down south by sleeping in a “tent” and get pricked, and prick other’s with needles while learning EMT training for triage.  Isn’t that what ALL dentist’s do for their 35th birthday?

I also got to inform him that for his birthday, I had to buy new shoes for myself; yes HAD to – don’t look at me that way!  Turns out, my sneakers (I prefer tennies/tennis/tenny’s? – but I’m not sure how to spell it right?) of six years, finally decided to give out.  I mean REALLY, I’ve only worn them 12+ hours a day, everyday, for the last 5+ years – sheesh!

They were good to me, but it was time.  He might have to be the one to toss them – memories you know. *snicker*

And could you believe it – not ONE pair of orange shoes!  Ok really, I don’t want all orange, but there were only a select few with bits of orange and they just didn’t work for me.  I found some great little sneakers in my 3rd favorite color, teal.  They were a good color, fit right and are supposed to “magically” make my second-butt lift itself back to where it belongs.  Hmmm – I’ll keep you posted on that one….

And, since when did shoes come with dvd’s?  I think I’m getting old when I need instructions included with my shoes?

Left: My new *snazzy* shoes - Right: My poor tired out, well loved shoes


Other than that, I’ve been decently avoiding any real work while the hubby’s gone.  I did manage to *finally* find our SSC’s – talk about a load off mom’s back!  The hubby gave me two projects and they’re both halfway done, we wouldn’t want to get to carried away!  The tickets for vacation will be ordered this week and I’m hunting down the part needed to fix the shades we technically broke, but didn’t really.  REALLY!  the part was brittle – I swear!  I just pulled on the little string and *SNAP*! 

I did get the whole Aran sweater knitted, and now I just have to put it together.  I want to get my outfit done first and before the hubby get’s home, but as you can see, I’m working very hard on it!

Hey – I still have 2 1/2 night’s left!


Any thoughts?

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