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The hubby’s home and he brought a visitor… February 12, 2011

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YAY!  The hubby’s home, life can go back to normal – or something like that.  And he was nice enough to bring his “friend” the cold home with him.  He got home after everyone was in bed and already this morning everyone has “the funk”.  Even with our new visitor and his giant bag of laundry, I’m super glad he’s home!  (Yeah, yeah – it was only nine days, I have to work my way up to the 6-9 months somehow.)

The boys are enjoying the MRE’s dad brought home.  1500 calorie meal, chock full of chemical goodness!  The fact that you can warm it in a bag, wash your face with it, get your “Mocha” on – all that and a piece of gum – is just to much to resist for them.

Mmmm - who couldn't resist!

I made a new discovery while trying to get my outfit to fit right this week.  (I hope I’m not the only person with this problem)  I discovered that one side of my rib cage is bigger, by about 1/2″, which shouldn’t be an issue with most clothing, except this outfit has no ease, which explains why it didn’t want to fit right.  After adjusting for this odd factor, it’s fitting much nicer now and I’m just working on the finishing touches.

I put the Aran sweater aside for a while to give my hands a rest.  Then I’ll get it sewn together and out the door!

We’ll be leaving on vacation with the in-laws this week and I’m trying to decide what knitting project to bring along.  I would bring a sewing project, but hauling my sewing matching all over tarnation is not my idea of a vacation.  Besides, I hope to be so busy that I’ll be too tired to work on anything, but I still need something for the ride there and back.

We’ll be gone for a few days and it will be the first time I’ve left “the girls” for this long.  I’m feeling a bit ridiculous for worrying this much about dogs!  We have someone coming to watch them, I just hope the Oly Monster behaves herself.  I don’t need a call from her (the dog watcher, not one of the dogs) saying she can’t get in because the dog is going to eat her!

Tonight I’ll be making a third attempt at dying a shirt.  Why people insist on giving me *gag* pink clothes, is beyond me.  I am determined to make it orange.  The first try it came out a nice shade of bright orange, but in a darker room I noticed it didn’t dye correctly and blotched.  My second attempt to re-dye it I added a bit of grey to it to make it more of a burnt orange and the color came out beautiful, but those blotched spots REALLY showed up this time.  Tonight I’ll be removing the dye and starting over, blotch free.  This poor shirt may not take much more abuse!

For the next few days I’ll be washing and packing, washing and packing, so no sewing and stitching, bummer!


Any thoughts?

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