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Yay for me! February 16, 2011

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Yay!  I finished the Aran sweater and just before vacation.  Huge load off my shoulders – I’ll get it sent off as soon as I get back.

I held it up to show the hubby and he cracks up and says – “That’s HUGE”!  Yeah, I know.  My dad’s got a barrel chest – wished I could say the same!

The blurry one to show the texture better.

The non-blurry one to show the size. (It's a little to big even for my good-sized, handsome hubby)


He doesn't look all that big in this picture, but I can't get my arms around him... look at those cute little boys (This was about 7 years ago.)

So now that I’m done, what do I take on vacation?  Something for me or for the hubby?  The hubby had a great suggestion… since he’s not really “a lot Irish”,  he’s more English, I should make up a pattern for him.  And English-Irish sweater; I like this idea!  I can’t do it RIGHT now, with everything going on.  But I can certainly be looking out for good stitch patterns that would suit him.  Excellent idea!
I haven’t gotten to work on my outfit, but I plan on doing that once we get back.  Especially since I’ve gotten the sweater done. 
The boys are very excited over vacation, although they don’t know where we’re going yet.  We just told them that the grandparent’s are visiting.  This should be fun!  Plus, they love that they’re getting out of school.  I don’t often give them days off; usually their birthdays and Christmas.  I’m so mean!  But what’s the perk in homeschooling if we can’t take a day off, here and there, when needed. 
The girls however, are less than excited.  They know somethings up, and their “dog sitter” came today to meet them.  They were both cordial, after treats were properly dispensed.  We’ll see how this goes?!

Any thoughts?

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