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Ahhhh vacation…. February 21, 2011

We don’t really get all that many, unless you include our trips from one home to another, so when we get a vacation, it’s extra special.  The in-laws took us to Disney World and brought our 90-year-old granny along, whom we haven’t gotten to see in a long while.

On top of spoiling us for four whole days, we got to leave work, school, bills, the cold, chores, the thought of losing the house and all our problems behind.  Four days of just being. 

After 3 days of non-stop walking, riding, listening, watching, swimming and entertainment, we were exhausted, sore and some (I won’t name – names *cough hubby*) were a bit grouchy.  It was so much fun! 

The first-born is also now 16!  I can’t believe I let him live this long – heeheehee.  And a trip to Disney World for his 16th – talk about SPOILED!  All he got from us was $100 and some ear buds. 

The fourth-born will be 9 on Wednesday and his usual Chuck E. Cheese is looking a bit pale in comparison to Disney, but he’ll have to make due; they all get the day off for his birthday, so they’re pretty excited!

I learned quit a bit on our trip:

You know, as a sewer/knitter/traveler, you’ve traveled to much when you actually think about measuring your dear, sweet hubby WHILE he’s trying to drive…. what, he’s sitting still!

You know you’re a seamstress, when your checking out the sewing on the characters costumes while they’re doing a musical.

You know your old when you think “MUST all these girls swimsuits be so SMALL!”  (And ladies, really, if you have a daughter old enough to wear THAT kind of suit, you should not also be wearing THAT kind of suit – egads!)

It’s sad when you can’t wait to get home to your blow-up bed, instead of the luxury resort bed?!?!

When people go on vacation, they must leave their politeness at home.  “You’re in the ‘happiest place on earth’ folks – take a break from the anger mobile!”

I also had a realization while flipping through the channels – I’m glad we’re not paying for cable anymore…. there really isn’t anything on t.v. anymore.  I can watch it all on the internet and for free or a whole heck of a lot less – saves more money for fabric! 

And the hubby and I were wondering… when did a whole turkey leg become ok for a meal?  I mean, I know your on vacation, but really, a whole turkey leg?

Gnomes 1 and 2 show you the view from our room.

I did end up bringing a knit project to work on; I thought it was a sweater for me and then realized I brought the hubby’s by accident.  (Same yarn and pattern, different colors, size and amounts)  So I started on HIS sweater and 12 rows into it I decided I hate the pattern, not the design so much, but the way they laid out the pattern.  I have to be looking at three different pages for each row…. bleck.  Definitely not a project I’ll be working on while the boys are up.

The boys were very happy to have a few days off from school; not so much so when they got home and had to start back up, especially when they realized that dad had the day off from work.  *Snicker*

The girls did great with their “sitter”…. they didn’t eat her.  She actually said they were very calm and the cat even came out to meow at her on the last day.  I don’t think she came to the right house?

So now we’re back to everyday.  We’ve recovered, cleaned up and downloaded our pictures.  We’re back to reality and ready to face the real world again, I just hope the in-laws know what a great time we had and how much we appreciated this trip.  It was wonderful!


Any thoughts?

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