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It may kill me… March 10, 2011

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While the hubby is gone, I’m trying to avoid all contact with news.  Why?  Because the burning pain in my chest when I listen to it, is most likely an ulcer.  I guess I’ve been getting a little to into my news lately. 

So no news radio, no Drudge, none of my usual news outlets that I go to several times a day while taking breaks.  I have no idea what’s going on…. this may prove to be worse for me than the actual cause?  Along with the lack of adult conversation for a week I may go bonkers!

I’m looking for a really good distraction – going up to visit the house like we had planned would probably have been a great distraction, but with gas prices where they are, that wasn’t going to happen.  And of course it has to rain all week, so I can’t go out reseed the owner’s lawn.  The boys playing Guitar Hero with their friends for hours on end, is not exactly the distraction I was looking for?

I AM working on the hubby’s sweater, which is helping over the edge of insanity – I’m loathing this sweater.  I would like to have given it to him saying “Made with all my love” but frankly, the sweater is not lending itself to that idea. 

I did finish the removable screens however.  Ok, I did that in the first day.  I think the garage may be calling to me again though….. ick!

I know it's hard to see - How do you take a picture of a screen?

The bar at the top

The weights at the bottom

Ok – so they’re not the most beautiful things in the world, but they keep the gnats and mosquito’s out of my house AND we learned it keeps the Oly monster and the old ladies in.  (I keep the gate up for the sake of the passers-by when they see Oly).

The hubby comes home tomorrow, which means most of the day will be spent cleaning.  Heaven forbid I do any while he’s gone, but really, it’s only a week, that’s not even proper time to make a decent mess!

So tonight while I work on that “lovely” sweater, I’ll retreat back into my world of Dharma & Gregg for the evening, having found it last night on  If you don’t mind Chinese subtitles and commercials it’s definitely a good place to find out-of-date shows or even recent shows you like that HULU hasn’t pick up yet, and no one has Dharma & Gregg yet.  I LOVE that show!!   


Any thoughts?

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