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Slopers March 16, 2011

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I know – A second post?  My day really is not that exciting?  But, really it is! 

I’ve known about slopers.  “What the big pattern companies use to make patterns” right?  Wrong, you can make them yourself, OR you can buy them – yup!  You can buy one for yourself, or in multiple sizes.

Ok – let’s start from the beginning.  What’s a sloper?  A sloper is what pattern makers use to make patterns.  It actually looks like a pattern, but it’s the bare minimum.  There are no details.  You use it to get the basic shape your going for and then get creative.  For someone like myself, that can look at a dress and slowly re-make it, I generally don’t need them; EXCEPT when I need it done quickly, or need to make more than one.  Not to mention it would take A LOT of the headache out of designing a lot of items.

The very basics of all the pieces you need.

I found a company that sells them and will custom make you one in your measurements.

(There are other places you can get them, this just happened to be one I found and looks very promising.)

If you’re getting a little more advanced in your sewing and are feeling like you want to design something, I highly suggest these for making the process easier, so you can focus more on the designing and less on the technical aspects of the piece.  Now, it won’t make the process *magical*, but it definitely will be of great assistance.

I will be asking for these for my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, St. Patrick’s day. *snicker*  All I know, is that I was drooling when I was thinking about how much easier this dress would be to make if I had these! 

(And just as a warning – if you look up slopers, look up “sewing slopers” apparently there are other meanings that aren’t so…. um….. polite!)


3 Responses to “Slopers”

  1. Talena Says:

    Oops, just realized I was wrong about where we met–once I saw your avatar, I realized that we are friends on Sorry!

  2. Talena Says:

    Ooo, I heart slopers–but I usually make my own out of patterns I have fitted that I liked particularly well.

    I thought I’d drop in and say “Hi”. I don’t get much opportunity to read blogs these days–don’t know if you remember me. I’m pretty sure we met on Ravelry, and discovered much in common (except my hubby ain’t in the military!)

    I haven’t been sewing much–I have two sewing machines, both busted. Grr. Oh, well–more knitting time, I guess! 🙂

    Happy spring! (For me–summer for you, now, right?)

    • blankenmom Says:

      I’ve made a few that way too; but to have some made, done – no thinking, would be so nice!

      I get you on that “Where have I met this person?” It’s so hard to keep track of now-days. And that’s why I use the same avatar where ever I go, makes it easier to find me. 😉

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