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35 and counting March 29, 2011

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The subject of my birthday came up recently – 35th to be exact.  No, I’m not shy about how “old” I am.  I rather like getting older, it means fewer people to tell me “No”!  In fact, I look forward to being old and senile, I may even fake it early so I can get away with more!  I do however shy away from letting people know my exact date of birth; birthday’s and I have never really been friends and that’s fine.  I make every attempt at making sure my boys DO NOT have the same experience and welcome their birthday’s.  Although – NONE of them like to be sung too.  Sorry hubby!

On the other hand, with turning 35 this year, I somehow managed to pass into some strange realm where 34 was “young and youthful, full of vitality and the ability to conquer the world!” – to turning 35 and am now apparently so old I can no longer carry on and may have to enter an assisted living facility?

With comments on fb like “You can’t sell her eggs, they’re to old!” (not that I was intending too)  and “Your hot tonight; yeah, I hate hot flashes too!”  WTFudge!  I’m only turning 35 folks! 

You know how when you were like 15 and like, 35 was so like so ancient!  Yeah, what happened to that? 

I still feel 15!

So, when 35 comes around, apparently I’ll have one foot in the grave and blogging may become to difficult.  I may forget how, or what I was talking about?  I may not be able to even find my laptop?  Oh gosh!!

Then again, I may get my second wind and finally learn how to surf!!

(I’m banking on the latter one!)

Photograph by Richard H. Stewart






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