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THAT’S VERY LOUD!! April 30, 2011

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As you all know we’re a mil-family.  Right now, we’re stationed at a Marine base, but live nearer to the Air Station.  My favorite thing to see is their sign out front of the base –

“That noise you hear is the sound of freedom”

(Not my photo, but this is exactly what we see)

This weekend is the Air show and they’ve been practicing all week.  And it’s VERY loud!  But I love to watch the planes, jets and helicopters over head.  Sometimes flying so low you can see the pilots.  Sometimes screeching past so fast that by the time you hear them, they’re gone!  Since the air show is today, we figured we’d just park ourselves in the back yard to watch.  Oddly enough – it’s quieter today?

On top of listening to the “sounds of freedom” this week, we’ve also been lucky enough to assist our homeowner find new tenants for when we leave.  He’s had great success it appears, and already has a renter.  So we have renters in “that” house, we have a place to stay at our new base and our current digs will have someone new to take care of it, right as we leave.  To me, that’s the perfect move!

So sad though – my machines all had to be packed up and moved to the garage.  Yes, I know we still have 6 weeks left, but I can’t really get in much sewing with everything going on.  So I’ll resign myself to just knitting for a few more weeks and unpack the machines first thing at the new place.  Unpack?  NOT!  I’ll have some serious sewing to do!

I did manage to get a sweater done and a new one started in the middle of all the packing, cleaning, phone calling and scheduling.

I just wanted something very basic and light.  I think I accomplished that! 

I’ve been eyeballing Argyle items lately.  There is just something about that pattern that makes my whole being feel complete.  Maybe it’s the fact that the pattern fit’s all nicely with itself, like a puzzle?  Or that it’s always even?   I don’t know exactly, I just know I could put it all over my house and feel complete?  I promise I won’t though.

Our other good news for the week is that our oldest got his driver’s license!  Yup – I’m that old now! *sigh*  (By-the-way, if I hear one more person call me old this week, I’m going to beat them with my cane!)


To projects, renters and orders! April 16, 2011

Big month for us – we got our orders, we now have renters in *that* house, my newest fabric showed up and two knitting projects finished – I know, right!  Not to mention my awesome new carpet cleaner!

As a celebration for big events, we do chinese.  It’s so expensive for our family, so we only do it for the really big stuff like graduation (yes, we’ve had more than one graduation), orders and the like.  So last night we hunted down a local chinese place.  Great service – they even called us later to see how we liked it!  Hmmm – should I be looking for a finger?  Honestly, it was good food!

This is what the end results of chinese for 6 (four of those being growing boys) looks like!

 On top of all this, I got my two knitting projects finished!

The Celtic Knot stole

The hubby's sweater - just in time for it to be like 1000* here in the south.

I don’t plan on starting to pack until May 2nd so I’m at a loss for what to do until then – Oh Wait – my fabric showed up!  EEK!  I’ve been trying for several weeks to order this fabric, but between looming budget shut downs (we don’t spend money of fabric when we may not get paid!), e-mail issues and what not, I finally just called and it took 2 days.  Nice!

LOVE this fabric! Milliskin matte, just in case you were curious.

Ok – so the orange is a little more “safety orange” than I intended and the green is a little more “crayon” than I intended, but I still love the colors.  Those two will be the “highlight” colors, trim, icing on the cake.  The two more subtle colors will be the actual top.  The leftover’s will be my new swimsuit.  Hmmm – I’m moving back up north, do I really need a swimsuit?  I suppose I’ll need SOMETHING for puddle jumping!

I’m loving my new carpet cleaner, btw.  I feel cleaner already! 

Hoover Dual V All Terrain Steam Vac F7452900 - if you're in the market for an excellent carpet cleaner.


Entitlement April 13, 2011

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(I know what your thinking – ANOTHER blog this week?  Yes I say – I actually have something to talk about!)

As I’m house hunting AGAIN today – ok, it’s only day two, but I’m already bored and tired of it, I begin to fall into the trap of “Shouldn’t they have housing available for us?  I mean, we’re (that would be the hubby is) serving after all – I WANT A HOUSE/HOME/DWELLING available to us!”

After grumbling for an hour or so my mind comes back to reality and realizes, we are entitled to nothing – NOTHING except to pursue our own happiness.  I will be the first to admit, it’s getting harder and harder to do this lately, but in all circumstances I should be rejoicing – if not happy. 

I used to be pretty good at this, either by age, time, or busyness, I have lost this ability and have started wanting “what should be mine”.  And with that thought, all the joy of  hunting, making things work, going somewhere I hadn’t planned and doing things I hadn’t intended go out the window.

So I may end up a 100 miles from where we’ll be stationed and will only see the hubby on weekends (when he’s not on the ship for six months) – We may enjoy the place better!  We may have to scrimp and save again, to get the things we want, there is an adventure in that too.

I’m not entitled to anything, and there is a certain freedom in that alone.


Haste makes waste – but also a good time! April 12, 2011

With the upcoming move, my thoughts have turned to cleaning.  We’ve done pretty good at keeping up with the drool on the wall’s from the Oly Monster (she’s pretty good, the highest we’ve measured was over 5′ up!) and repairs to the house, but the poor carpet… the poor beautiful, fuzzy, brand new looking carpet!

She almost looks concerned, doesn't she?

I woke up this morning to the soothing sound of a warm rain, I was also hit by a flood of a thousand and one things to do – the carpet being one of those, especially when I thought of the owner seeing the hallway carpet in such a manner!  *red face*

So I researched new carpet cleaners between house hunting, scheduling movers, calling on software issues (yes, we’re STILL dealing with the SAME software issue as before Christmas!!), faxing paperwork and helping with numerous math assignments – have I mentioned I HATE math?

Dinner was delegated to the second-born with much moaning and groaning, so I could head out on my mission….

There are no stores near our house, other that Wally world and of course the one I want, Consumer Reports best buy, was not available for in store purchase at our location, but it was at Target, 30-45 minutes away and as we all know in this day and age of high gas prices – that is REALLY far!  

So off we go, the third-born and I to get this carpet cleaner that I did so much research on.  Sure I could have ordered it on Amazon, but I want it NOW!  About 30 minutes later we arrive at the store, head in and locate the correct section and start hunting down the exact product…. hunting…. hunting….. hunting, “Excuse me, could this product maybe be in the back stock?  Or in another section on display?  I checked before we came out and it sayed it was here.”  The two very nice young ladies searched and searched but to no avail – it had either been sold or the website fibbed to me.  *insert grumbling here*

So – we each got a soda and small snack and left.  $10 in snacks and an hour + wasted for nothing – EXCEPT – I got to spend that time with the third-born, who rarely ventures out alone with me.  He usually prefers to stay at the house reading or playing with his brothers. 

Given the opportunity, I would have gone out with him anyway, just somewhere more fun and a lot closer.

BTW – I got home and odered it off Amazon.  *sigh*


Moven on up… April 11, 2011


Let the fun begin!

With all the budget issue’s we had sort of given up on getting our orders anytime soon (or a pay check for that matter).  We were told it could be as late as October even, so we had sort of resigned ourselves to the fact that our May/June move would come and go without any fan-fare.  We were making plans for June; plans for next fall.  I was getting ready to put the boys into some sort of soccer program here.  Our thoughts of putting the oldest into HS for his last few years was vanishing, since we’d be moving mid year and that would just be cruel.

Instead the hubby came home from work today with our long-awaited orders and with that, life all of a sudden went into over drive!  (Ok – I’m blogging, give me a few days for reality to set in)

We have to be there – HOME – *eek*  by July 1.  That means I have about 1 – 1 1/2 months to get the whole house packed up and ready to move, a new place to stay, the oldest’s transcripts done, the boys entered into the local programs there and the trip planned.  It will be done, as always and in true military style, looking like a walk in the park – from outward appearances.  Inside I’ll be just like every one else; frantic and feeling overwhelmed.

It’s amazing how you can be so excited and overwhelmed at the same time!  It’s been so long since we’ve been home, I thought for sure we’d be going somewhere else.

So, I’ll be getting the last of my knitting project finished; packing up the new fabric that shows up for my new dress/tops/swim suit when it get’s here.  No sewing for me for a while…. ooh, maybe I’ll have a new sewing room!  Eek – there is always a certain amount of excitement that comes with a new place and new possibilities!

The warm south beaches

I will have to admit, I’ll miss the weather here…. but not enough to stay.


(The “not so warm” northern beaches)