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Moven on up… April 11, 2011


Let the fun begin!

With all the budget issue’s we had sort of given up on getting our orders anytime soon (or a pay check for that matter).  We were told it could be as late as October even, so we had sort of resigned ourselves to the fact that our May/June move would come and go without any fan-fare.  We were making plans for June; plans for next fall.  I was getting ready to put the boys into some sort of soccer program here.  Our thoughts of putting the oldest into HS for his last few years was vanishing, since we’d be moving mid year and that would just be cruel.

Instead the hubby came home from work today with our long-awaited orders and with that, life all of a sudden went into over drive!  (Ok – I’m blogging, give me a few days for reality to set in)

We have to be there – HOME – *eek*  by July 1.  That means I have about 1 – 1 1/2 months to get the whole house packed up and ready to move, a new place to stay, the oldest’s transcripts done, the boys entered into the local programs there and the trip planned.  It will be done, as always and in true military style, looking like a walk in the park – from outward appearances.  Inside I’ll be just like every one else; frantic and feeling overwhelmed.

It’s amazing how you can be so excited and overwhelmed at the same time!  It’s been so long since we’ve been home, I thought for sure we’d be going somewhere else.

So, I’ll be getting the last of my knitting project finished; packing up the new fabric that shows up for my new dress/tops/swim suit when it get’s here.  No sewing for me for a while…. ooh, maybe I’ll have a new sewing room!  Eek – there is always a certain amount of excitement that comes with a new place and new possibilities!

The warm south beaches

I will have to admit, I’ll miss the weather here…. but not enough to stay.


(The “not so warm” northern beaches)


2 Responses to “Moven on up…”

  1. blankenmom Says:

    Thank you! And I have stopped by – very nice!

  2. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do. Feel free to stop by Easy Lifestyles sometime. We would love to see you there

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