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Entitlement April 13, 2011

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(I know what your thinking – ANOTHER blog this week?  Yes I say – I actually have something to talk about!)

As I’m house hunting AGAIN today – ok, it’s only day two, but I’m already bored and tired of it, I begin to fall into the trap of “Shouldn’t they have housing available for us?  I mean, we’re (that would be the hubby is) serving after all – I WANT A HOUSE/HOME/DWELLING available to us!”

After grumbling for an hour or so my mind comes back to reality and realizes, we are entitled to nothing – NOTHING except to pursue our own happiness.  I will be the first to admit, it’s getting harder and harder to do this lately, but in all circumstances I should be rejoicing – if not happy. 

I used to be pretty good at this, either by age, time, or busyness, I have lost this ability and have started wanting “what should be mine”.  And with that thought, all the joy of  hunting, making things work, going somewhere I hadn’t planned and doing things I hadn’t intended go out the window.

So I may end up a 100 miles from where we’ll be stationed and will only see the hubby on weekends (when he’s not on the ship for six months) – We may enjoy the place better!  We may have to scrimp and save again, to get the things we want, there is an adventure in that too.

I’m not entitled to anything, and there is a certain freedom in that alone.


Any thoughts?

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