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To projects, renters and orders! April 16, 2011

Big month for us – we got our orders, we now have renters in *that* house, my newest fabric showed up and two knitting projects finished – I know, right!  Not to mention my awesome new carpet cleaner!

As a celebration for big events, we do chinese.  It’s so expensive for our family, so we only do it for the really big stuff like graduation (yes, we’ve had more than one graduation), orders and the like.  So last night we hunted down a local chinese place.  Great service – they even called us later to see how we liked it!  Hmmm – should I be looking for a finger?  Honestly, it was good food!

This is what the end results of chinese for 6 (four of those being growing boys) looks like!

 On top of all this, I got my two knitting projects finished!

The Celtic Knot stole

The hubby's sweater - just in time for it to be like 1000* here in the south.

I don’t plan on starting to pack until May 2nd so I’m at a loss for what to do until then – Oh Wait – my fabric showed up!  EEK!  I’ve been trying for several weeks to order this fabric, but between looming budget shut downs (we don’t spend money of fabric when we may not get paid!), e-mail issues and what not, I finally just called and it took 2 days.  Nice!

LOVE this fabric! Milliskin matte, just in case you were curious.

Ok – so the orange is a little more “safety orange” than I intended and the green is a little more “crayon” than I intended, but I still love the colors.  Those two will be the “highlight” colors, trim, icing on the cake.  The two more subtle colors will be the actual top.  The leftover’s will be my new swimsuit.  Hmmm – I’m moving back up north, do I really need a swimsuit?  I suppose I’ll need SOMETHING for puddle jumping!

I’m loving my new carpet cleaner, btw.  I feel cleaner already! 

Hoover Dual V All Terrain Steam Vac F7452900 - if you're in the market for an excellent carpet cleaner.


Any thoughts?

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