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THAT’S VERY LOUD!! April 30, 2011

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As you all know we’re a mil-family.  Right now, we’re stationed at a Marine base, but live nearer to the Air Station.  My favorite thing to see is their sign out front of the base –

“That noise you hear is the sound of freedom”

(Not my photo, but this is exactly what we see)

This weekend is the Air show and they’ve been practicing all week.  And it’s VERY loud!  But I love to watch the planes, jets and helicopters over head.  Sometimes flying so low you can see the pilots.  Sometimes screeching past so fast that by the time you hear them, they’re gone!  Since the air show is today, we figured we’d just park ourselves in the back yard to watch.  Oddly enough – it’s quieter today?

On top of listening to the “sounds of freedom” this week, we’ve also been lucky enough to assist our homeowner find new tenants for when we leave.  He’s had great success it appears, and already has a renter.  So we have renters in “that” house, we have a place to stay at our new base and our current digs will have someone new to take care of it, right as we leave.  To me, that’s the perfect move!

So sad though – my machines all had to be packed up and moved to the garage.  Yes, I know we still have 6 weeks left, but I can’t really get in much sewing with everything going on.  So I’ll resign myself to just knitting for a few more weeks and unpack the machines first thing at the new place.  Unpack?  NOT!  I’ll have some serious sewing to do!

I did manage to get a sweater done and a new one started in the middle of all the packing, cleaning, phone calling and scheduling.

I just wanted something very basic and light.  I think I accomplished that! 

I’ve been eyeballing Argyle items lately.  There is just something about that pattern that makes my whole being feel complete.  Maybe it’s the fact that the pattern fit’s all nicely with itself, like a puzzle?  Or that it’s always even?   I don’t know exactly, I just know I could put it all over my house and feel complete?  I promise I won’t though.

Our other good news for the week is that our oldest got his driver’s license!  Yup – I’m that old now! *sigh*  (By-the-way, if I hear one more person call me old this week, I’m going to beat them with my cane!)


Any thoughts?

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