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Perfect day! May 22, 2011

If you are reading this – you were not one of the chosen ones! 

But that’s ok, neither was anyone I know.  So the second coming is still alluding, well everyone.  Few – I had a few things I still wanted to get done.  *wink*

Last night we had “Armageddon pizza” and today we went to the Farmer’s Market and beach (might as well enjoy our last day on Earth after all).  Perfect day for the beach too; except that everyone else seemed to have the same idea, we even saw our neighbor there.  Even the hubby went; it was so much fun to watch him boogie board with the boys!  The first-born chose to sit in the sand, grousing that we made him venture out into the sun, but his brothers had a good time making sand castles, boogie boarding and beating each other with large pieces of drift wood.  We even had a small crab come join us – it even attempted to stow away in our wagon.  We did leave the girls at home though; to hot, to many people and I wanted to just sit.


Tomorrow will be back to the usual, short of the heat.  It’s supposed to 90*+, that should slow everyone down!  Monday will be a big day though.  Our second-born will be 13, an actual teenager!!  So on top of him being bi-polar, we’ll get teenage mood swings – just what I was hoping for… yay.  In all honesty, it’s has already started.  The eye rolling, the attitude; all the wonderful little mannerism’s of a teenager.  Still love the kid – just can’t wait till he’s human again.  We’ll have school off for the day, Chuck E. Cheese and the local ice cream parlor is the call of the day, #2 will be getting his usual “rice-cream” however.  And the big gift will be a new bike – you know, right before we move  just to add extra weight!
The knitting – the knitting is going slowly, very slowly.  Ok, I’m bored with the skirt.  I DID however find a LYS – EEK!  Of course I found it, we’ve only got 3 weeks left here!  But at least I’ll know where it is for when we get stationed here next.  I got two new yarns; how could I not?  To just go in and feel – that’s just crazy talk!   Now, if they’d just get a fabric store before we’re here next, I might not ever leave! 

Cascade Yarns - Alpaca Lace


Knit One, Crochet too - 2nd Time Cotton

If you’re wondering about the constant knitting and no sewing, trust me, I’ll be back to the sewing as soon as we get to the new place.  I can’t wait to get my machines humming again and to feel the fabric slipping through my hands!
On top of all this wonderfulness, I made an excellent meal!  Don’t laugh – it was good!  We’re trying to clean out the fridge to avoid our usual “handing out the meat” that we usually end up doing right before we leave.  Unfortunately, that left us with 8 pounds of tilapia.  It’s supposed to be a mild fish, without a lot of flavor.  But instead I found it had a very “fishy” flavor that I really don’t like – and I LOVE fish, so that wasn’t a good sign.  I found a Curry Stew recipe that was REALLY good.  It covered the flavor of the tilapia, but was very spicy, not good on a hot day.  But even the two resident fish hater’s had to admit it was pretty good and the house “chef” could only state that it needed more salt.  Not to bad for someone who can burn a grilled cheese sandwich!  The second-born even liked it; poor kid can’t have Casein so no whipping cream for him, just rice milk.  But the third-born was stoked that it was spicy, that boy LOVES spicy!  We will definitely be making it again, but in the winter.
Tonight we sat to watch a movie together, while running out to get something from the van for the movie we noticed 3 toads sitting on our front walk – one was HUGE!  No pic’s?  I was having to much fun catching them!
What a perfect day!

Any thoughts?

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