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Just another weekend – May 30, 2011

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I’m not sure what your plans called for this Memorial weekend; picnic, bbq, parades, did you even know it was Memorial weekend?  In our house it included cleaning out the garage for the upcoming move.  Yup, that’s what a military family does for Memorial day weekend.  Well, we *may* go to the beach tomorrow, but only after a few trips to Goodwill and the dump.  (How did I accumulate so much crap in only 9 months?)

Man I'm going to miss this beach!

Saturday was a wash for me, my stomach wasn’t cooperating with anything fun, so today was my big day to do something.  No knitting all weekend, definitely no sewing, I did however peruse some patterns while laying in bed.  We did manage to make it to the Farmer’s Market yesterday, which is always nice.  We don’t get a lot before we move, but it’s nice to get out and enjoy the people, smells and good food.  This coming weekend will be our last market here, so we’ll have to stay a while.  I hope there’s one close by at the next place;  we went from walking to it, at our last place, to driving 20 minutes here.  But we make a day of it and the boys love getting out – and they really love petting everyone’s dogs that are there.  The girls like smelling all the dogs the boys “bring home” when we get back –  “Who have you been cheating on me with?”  I’d take them, but the Oly Monster can be a bit fickle about the dogs she likes and I’d rather not chance it in such tight quarters!

Today we got to go grocery shopping and as the day got a bit cooler (it was over 90* here), I cleaned out the garage enough that the movers can actually see what’s in the garage.  I could no longer walk through the darn thing! 

This is MOST of our worldly possessions.

See, when the military moves you, you drive to the moving building so they can give you some paperwork to fill out and tell you to go to a site that is useless, pointless, and extremely frustrating – to the point of making grown men cry, to tell them that your moving.  Then you take all the paperwork they gave you and our other paperwork to the moving building (that has varying acronyms according to which branch you’re in) and they make an appointment for you to come in and sign more paperwork and schedule a move date.  (If your counting that’s three trips and a website)

Then you wait for the movers to call to schedule a date for them to come out and look at all your stuff so they know how many days they’ll be there.  Then a few days or weeks later they come, tell you everything that is wrong with your furniture, pack it up for a day or so, put it on the truck and move it to your next base.  Easy as mud!  But it’s free… if you don’t include your sanity.  As another spouse put it, “You have to have a sense of humor in the military or it will kill you!”  Boy howdy, sister!!

(Please don’t get me wrong – movers are great people in general, I just don’t like strangers touching my skivies; same reason I don’t fly!)

We also were visited by the cutest little boy ever!  We’ve never seen the kid out of a super hero costume and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him in the same one twice and today he had on two different ones (not at the same time).  He’s about 4 or 5 and we can never remember his name.  But he spends A LOT of time at our house, when he does come over.  I think he was here until 9:00 tonight, when I finally told him MY boys had to go to bed!  SO STINKING CUTE!

The "HULK" drying the Oly Monster.

That’s about the extent of our excitement, short of a stray tick.  Preparing for the move across the country and all that – that entails.  And…. the final episode of the X-Files tonight!  I know, I’m exciting!


Any thoughts?

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