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We’re from no-where…Scratch that, we’re from everywhere! June 18, 2011

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It’s been an interesting trip so far; break-downs, cracked windows, sick kids and pets – VEGAS! 

The "Travel Gnomes" say "What happen's in Vegas, stay's in Vegas!"The most interesting is being asked everywhere we go, where we're from, going or just came from. How do we answer those questions? Most people would just say where they're home is located, where they were born or where they just moved from or are headed. Military families have a harder time answering that.Where are we from? Originally, where we just came from, or where we stayed last night?Where's home? Where we just came from, where we're going, where we have a house that we can't sell or where we're from originally?Where are you going? This should be an easy one, but isn't always. Our duty station, where we're staying for the night, or the town we're moving to - that is if you can remember it?!I understand these seem like easy questions, but when your "on vacation" aka - moving again, it get's harder to explain. Especially when the home you have always identified with, no longer feels like home, but instead feel's like just another stop on your list. Please don't take this as a complaint, it feel's great to no longer have some place I feel like I need to identify with. We're from all over - from everywhere!It get's even funnier when someone asks something about where you've been this week and your kids name at least 5 states!We've had people ask us at least once at every stop one of these questions, whether it's because of our plates, our lack of accents, the luggage, we're at the hotel or because our "Subway" order for 6 roll's off my tongue as if I know it by heart (which I now do). And as usual most, if not all, will tell me or my husband "Thank You" for the hubby's service *blush* - "Thank You"! This trip, the first-born got an ugly taste of the other side when two "gentlemen" started yelling anti-war, anti-serviceman slurs at him... he's 16, not even old enough to serve?I think I might have to make a bumper sticker to go next to our plates (btw - they're both from different states) -We're military - We're from everywhere!


DOH! June 13, 2011

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Yup – it’s been that sort of day; actually is started yesterday.

We managed to make it to our intended state yesterday and when we arrived it was 105* – Uhg!  The second-born had been driving in the car without AC for most of the day and had to be moved into the van with AC because he was getting sick – and sick he got.  He stepped out of the van at the hotel and lost the entire content of his stomach – thank goodness outside the van – that would have made for a VERY long rest of our trip!  Followed by the third-born’s bloody nose. 

The hotel did have a pool though – NICE!

This morning started off better until we got into the van and realised that the back of the van was broken.  We can still open it, but the hydraulics that help lift it aren’t working, making it VERY heavy.

We only had a minor injury *snicker*.

What, we only drove a few 100 miles this way?  Heeheehee –

The day was much cooler; the second and third born were feeling much better and everyone kept their bodily fluids where it belonged.  We made it one whole state before *CRACK* – a rock hit the hubby’s window.  And now we have a foot long crack in the windshield.  Not the end of the world, but very frustrating.  Especially as we watch it grooowwww….





Day 2 June 11, 2011

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Day 2 of our move – 8 hours of family togetherness; so far so good.

Tight quarters!

We managed to get through 5 states today – impressive!

Today was a longer day in the car than yesterday.  The boys in our car started a game of beating on each other; always a fun game?  And the two in the other car enjoyed sending us random texts, but quickly grew a little cranky with no A.C.  What – we all survived?

I think the most compelling part of the day was driving through Alabama and seeing a whole neighborhood that had gotten hit by a tornado.  It was amazing, shocking, heart wrenching and something I, and the family so needed to see.  You see the devastation on t.v. all the time, we’ve even lived two places when they’ve come through, but they never really hit anything near us.  This was the first time we’ve ever seen what can actually happen.  So strange to see a whole block, blown to bits and the next, untouched.  (I don’t have any pic’s because we took us a minute to figure out what had happened and by then, we were passed it.  That’s how picky the tornado’s are about where they’ll hit!)

All I can do as we drive through is pray for the families, that they’re all ok and able to recover.  I just don’t know how they do this every year?  Amazing people!

First mountains we've seen in 5 years! 😀



South to North June 10, 2011

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The move has finally begun, none-to-soon and frantically all at the same time. 

Through the frustration of the packers turned movers and getting everything cleaned and done satisfactorily for the homeowner, we’ve finally made it.  A few tears may have swept my face in frustration and a minor curse word or two may have passed through my mind, but the first part – the hardest part – is done.

We are now on the move ~

This will be our second move this year and our third house; our fifth house in 5 years and 4th move in that time.  When asked for my address – I have to take a looooong pause….

After a breather from the movers breaking a piece of furniture in front of me with a 2×2 and accusing me off “hiding liquids” in a box and our VERY nice, but very precise homeowner (have I mentioned he’s a Marine?) releasing us from the house after inspection, I managed to get the car’s packed.

The car’s are both packed to the brim, no room to spare.  The topper is nearly over-flowing, both with things we’ll need like uniforms, a few dishes, some cleaning supplies and things the movers wouldn’t move – say glue, causing it to squeak the whole trip, but at least we know it’s still attached.  The temps. outside are nearly 100*, so the pet’s are sweltering, but the dog’s are LOVING the ride; the cat is just happy to be in the hotel room.  Two boys in each vehicle, so there is extra leg room this trip – and a good thing since the trip is nearly 3000 miles.  The first day was only 5 hours of driving and the first-born is already tired of driving…. he has 13 more days to go!

The cat taking a loooong drink once we got into the hotel room.

I am nervous and excited to be going back home.  This is all we’ve wanted for the last 5 years, but as with most things anticipated, you have to wonder if it will turn out as well as you want it too?  Will we like it still?  Will we still fit in, like people who’ve never left?  Will we go insane in the weather?  Six months with out the hubby huh….?

On top of all this, I have begun the 365 days of photo’s (or what-ever other people call it?)  And this was a perfect time to start it, since we’re starting something new in life.  I’ll be sending the photo’s here, but I don’t promise to send them everyday – I’m a little busy right now.  I’ve managed to stock-pile a weeks worth though.

I’ll be posting those next.

In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful day!


It’s the little things June 3, 2011

Amidst all the craziness of moving, I promised to carve out a day or two of beach time for the boys – and carve is what I did;  between getting both car’s checked and tuned to perfection, brace removal (of the dental kind), movers, meetings, cleanings, repairs, phone calls, finishing the school year, report cards, transcripts, last trips to this, that and the other “favorite little shop” and of course, good-bye’s and dinner’s, I managed to squeeze in two or so days for the beach.  I had to finagle, beg and borrow to get there, but we’re managing it!

And it began….

OMG’sh – I LOVE BOOGIE BOARDING!  The water is so warm, as I described it to the hubby – “It’s like, pee warm!”  (Ok, a better description probably could have been found, but what fun is there in that?)  In all the years I had heard about warm beaches, I thought they ment warm air, breezes, days – not the water!  So Cool… I mean warm?

Today was the first of those days.  After the ortho appt. for the oldest, we stopped by to pick up the van from the repair shop and deliver it to the base so the hubby could get home, and the three youngest and I ditched the first-born for an afternoon trip to the beach.  The fourth-born and I each got our own boogie boards today, like the middle two and the first-born (who chose a skim board instead) had earlier; I did manage to leave the cute, little baby turtles that were for sale at the surf shop that I SO wanted to bring home with me… (I get brownie points from the hubby for that one)

My new board

My board actually matches my swim suit (excluding the nasty pink bottom), how perfect is that!  I had SO  much fun – I think maybe too much; I didn’t notice a cut toe, scrapped up knees and that my sunscreen may not have been waterproof? 

Mom Boogie boarding

The boys actually ended up wanting to go home before me – they dragged me away, I whined and pleaded, but to no avail….

On the way home with the hot breeze coming through the car, 3 wet, tired out boys chatting with me, music on, heading towards The Chocolate Tree one last time, my mind had to stop and grasp about how lucky we, but in particular, I am.  Not only did we have enough money to get the cars fixed up for the trip, braces for our first-born, I can afford to stay home with the boys, get a special treat for all of us out of the blue, we can take a trip to the beach when ever we want AND the hubby is still safe at home with us for at least a month.  Yeah, those may all be small things – but they add up quick.  How blessed are we to have such a good thing going!

Sometimes we need those moments to take us out of our grumblings of day-to-day life to give us a peek at the good stuff.

We ended the day with a lot of candy, a good squash soup, a beautiful storm – maybe I’ll go sit on my “front porch couch” to watch!   *giggle*

We’ll be going again possibly on Saturday, definitely on Monday and if I’m real good, I can fit Tuesday in too.  Yup, I’m addicted – can anyone say “wetsuit” for the cold coast?

Yeah – I love Boogie boarding, but surfing’s next!