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It’s the little things June 3, 2011

Amidst all the craziness of moving, I promised to carve out a day or two of beach time for the boys – and carve is what I did;  between getting both car’s checked and tuned to perfection, brace removal (of the dental kind), movers, meetings, cleanings, repairs, phone calls, finishing the school year, report cards, transcripts, last trips to this, that and the other “favorite little shop” and of course, good-bye’s and dinner’s, I managed to squeeze in two or so days for the beach.  I had to finagle, beg and borrow to get there, but we’re managing it!

And it began….

OMG’sh – I LOVE BOOGIE BOARDING!  The water is so warm, as I described it to the hubby – “It’s like, pee warm!”  (Ok, a better description probably could have been found, but what fun is there in that?)  In all the years I had heard about warm beaches, I thought they ment warm air, breezes, days – not the water!  So Cool… I mean warm?

Today was the first of those days.  After the ortho appt. for the oldest, we stopped by to pick up the van from the repair shop and deliver it to the base so the hubby could get home, and the three youngest and I ditched the first-born for an afternoon trip to the beach.  The fourth-born and I each got our own boogie boards today, like the middle two and the first-born (who chose a skim board instead) had earlier; I did manage to leave the cute, little baby turtles that were for sale at the surf shop that I SO wanted to bring home with me… (I get brownie points from the hubby for that one)

My new board

My board actually matches my swim suit (excluding the nasty pink bottom), how perfect is that!  I had SO  much fun – I think maybe too much; I didn’t notice a cut toe, scrapped up knees and that my sunscreen may not have been waterproof? 

Mom Boogie boarding

The boys actually ended up wanting to go home before me – they dragged me away, I whined and pleaded, but to no avail….

On the way home with the hot breeze coming through the car, 3 wet, tired out boys chatting with me, music on, heading towards The Chocolate Tree one last time, my mind had to stop and grasp about how lucky we, but in particular, I am.  Not only did we have enough money to get the cars fixed up for the trip, braces for our first-born, I can afford to stay home with the boys, get a special treat for all of us out of the blue, we can take a trip to the beach when ever we want AND the hubby is still safe at home with us for at least a month.  Yeah, those may all be small things – but they add up quick.  How blessed are we to have such a good thing going!

Sometimes we need those moments to take us out of our grumblings of day-to-day life to give us a peek at the good stuff.

We ended the day with a lot of candy, a good squash soup, a beautiful storm – maybe I’ll go sit on my “front porch couch” to watch!   *giggle*

We’ll be going again possibly on Saturday, definitely on Monday and if I’m real good, I can fit Tuesday in too.  Yup, I’m addicted – can anyone say “wetsuit” for the cold coast?

Yeah – I love Boogie boarding, but surfing’s next!


Any thoughts?

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