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South to North June 10, 2011

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The move has finally begun, none-to-soon and frantically all at the same time. 

Through the frustration of the packers turned movers and getting everything cleaned and done satisfactorily for the homeowner, we’ve finally made it.  A few tears may have swept my face in frustration and a minor curse word or two may have passed through my mind, but the first part – the hardest part – is done.

We are now on the move ~

This will be our second move this year and our third house; our fifth house in 5 years and 4th move in that time.  When asked for my address – I have to take a looooong pause….

After a breather from the movers breaking a piece of furniture in front of me with a 2×2 and accusing me off “hiding liquids” in a box and our VERY nice, but very precise homeowner (have I mentioned he’s a Marine?) releasing us from the house after inspection, I managed to get the car’s packed.

The car’s are both packed to the brim, no room to spare.  The topper is nearly over-flowing, both with things we’ll need like uniforms, a few dishes, some cleaning supplies and things the movers wouldn’t move – say glue, causing it to squeak the whole trip, but at least we know it’s still attached.  The temps. outside are nearly 100*, so the pet’s are sweltering, but the dog’s are LOVING the ride; the cat is just happy to be in the hotel room.  Two boys in each vehicle, so there is extra leg room this trip – and a good thing since the trip is nearly 3000 miles.  The first day was only 5 hours of driving and the first-born is already tired of driving…. he has 13 more days to go!

The cat taking a loooong drink once we got into the hotel room.

I am nervous and excited to be going back home.  This is all we’ve wanted for the last 5 years, but as with most things anticipated, you have to wonder if it will turn out as well as you want it too?  Will we like it still?  Will we still fit in, like people who’ve never left?  Will we go insane in the weather?  Six months with out the hubby huh….?

On top of all this, I have begun the 365 days of photo’s (or what-ever other people call it?)  And this was a perfect time to start it, since we’re starting something new in life.  I’ll be sending the photo’s here, but I don’t promise to send them everyday – I’m a little busy right now.  I’ve managed to stock-pile a weeks worth though.

I’ll be posting those next.

In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful day!


Any thoughts?

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