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Day 2 June 11, 2011

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Day 2 of our move – 8 hours of family togetherness; so far so good.

Tight quarters!

We managed to get through 5 states today – impressive!

Today was a longer day in the car than yesterday.  The boys in our car started a game of beating on each other; always a fun game?  And the two in the other car enjoyed sending us random texts, but quickly grew a little cranky with no A.C.  What – we all survived?

I think the most compelling part of the day was driving through Alabama and seeing a whole neighborhood that had gotten hit by a tornado.  It was amazing, shocking, heart wrenching and something I, and the family so needed to see.  You see the devastation on t.v. all the time, we’ve even lived two places when they’ve come through, but they never really hit anything near us.  This was the first time we’ve ever seen what can actually happen.  So strange to see a whole block, blown to bits and the next, untouched.  (I don’t have any pic’s because we took us a minute to figure out what had happened and by then, we were passed it.  That’s how picky the tornado’s are about where they’ll hit!)

All I can do as we drive through is pray for the families, that they’re all ok and able to recover.  I just don’t know how they do this every year?  Amazing people!

First mountains we've seen in 5 years! 😀



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