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DOH! June 13, 2011

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Yup – it’s been that sort of day; actually is started yesterday.

We managed to make it to our intended state yesterday and when we arrived it was 105* – Uhg!  The second-born had been driving in the car without AC for most of the day and had to be moved into the van with AC because he was getting sick – and sick he got.  He stepped out of the van at the hotel and lost the entire content of his stomach – thank goodness outside the van – that would have made for a VERY long rest of our trip!  Followed by the third-born’s bloody nose. 

The hotel did have a pool though – NICE!

This morning started off better until we got into the van and realised that the back of the van was broken.  We can still open it, but the hydraulics that help lift it aren’t working, making it VERY heavy.

We only had a minor injury *snicker*.

What, we only drove a few 100 miles this way?  Heeheehee –

The day was much cooler; the second and third born were feeling much better and everyone kept their bodily fluids where it belonged.  We made it one whole state before *CRACK* – a rock hit the hubby’s window.  And now we have a foot long crack in the windshield.  Not the end of the world, but very frustrating.  Especially as we watch it grooowwww….





Any thoughts?

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