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We’re from no-where…Scratch that, we’re from everywhere! June 18, 2011

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It’s been an interesting trip so far; break-downs, cracked windows, sick kids and pets – VEGAS! 

The "Travel Gnomes" say "What happen's in Vegas, stay's in Vegas!"The most interesting is being asked everywhere we go, where we're from, going or just came from. How do we answer those questions? Most people would just say where they're home is located, where they were born or where they just moved from or are headed. Military families have a harder time answering that.Where are we from? Originally, where we just came from, or where we stayed last night?Where's home? Where we just came from, where we're going, where we have a house that we can't sell or where we're from originally?Where are you going? This should be an easy one, but isn't always. Our duty station, where we're staying for the night, or the town we're moving to - that is if you can remember it?!I understand these seem like easy questions, but when your "on vacation" aka - moving again, it get's harder to explain. Especially when the home you have always identified with, no longer feels like home, but instead feel's like just another stop on your list. Please don't take this as a complaint, it feel's great to no longer have some place I feel like I need to identify with. We're from all over - from everywhere!It get's even funnier when someone asks something about where you've been this week and your kids name at least 5 states!We've had people ask us at least once at every stop one of these questions, whether it's because of our plates, our lack of accents, the luggage, we're at the hotel or because our "Subway" order for 6 roll's off my tongue as if I know it by heart (which I now do). And as usual most, if not all, will tell me or my husband "Thank You" for the hubby's service *blush* - "Thank You"! This trip, the first-born got an ugly taste of the other side when two "gentlemen" started yelling anti-war, anti-serviceman slurs at him... he's 16, not even old enough to serve?I think I might have to make a bumper sticker to go next to our plates (btw - they're both from different states) -We're military - We're from everywhere!


Any thoughts?

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