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The garage is clean! *cue heavenly music* July 29, 2011

I know, I know – I’m supposed to be sitting still.  But the garage was calling to me – really it was! 


Look how clean it is!   Hey, don’t ruin this by telling me it looks like I need to clean the garage, I should have shown you the before – I almost hurt myself just trying to get in!

Oh – and look who found her labeler!  *big red heart*








All the important things you know!


Now we have all the important stuff!

With 21+ grey boxes and about 10 clear boxes – labeling is a MUST!  It really sucks though, that I moved the grey shelves to the garage, only to discover that the grey boxes wouldn’t fit on them – ^%##$%.  Well, other things fit on there….

Well, now that I’ve got the garage clean, my sewing and bedroom are a mess.  I had to bring up my clothes from the garage (well I didn’t *have* to, but I’m tired of running to the garage every time I need clothes).  So now I’ve got a room full of clothes and work-out equipment and a new bed frame showing up any day; we’re like, almost grown-ups! 

My sewing room lost its shelves to the garage, but since the garage is cleaned out, I can cut and paint my peg boards now.  (Those are the large boards you see in the garage photo)  Those will clean up the room again – I hope? 

But tonight, I’m sitting here with ice on my leg.  It isn’t too sore, but I’d like it to stay that way!

On top of all this activity, it was gorgeous out – no rain and I almost got to put shorts on!  WOW!  I also have been chatting with the hubby’s, commander’s, wife (you follow that?).  She’s very nice and very helpful.  She’s also one of the few other officer’s families that seem to live on this side of the bay!  I’ll just call it “Cheapside” (for those who’ve seen A Knights Tale). 

We also are getting the garage fixed tomorrow, so it will stay closed when we close it – YAY! 

Exciting week for us!


OUCH! July 27, 2011

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Today actually went pretty smoothly. 

We went shopping at Costco, the pet store and a local store, and while we were slowly roaming the isles of the local store I remembered I was supposed to play soccer in less than an hour.  EGADS!  We booked it out of the store, heading home.  And while the boys unloaded the groceries, I got myself ready and headed out.

I arrived with 2 minutes to spare.  Me, being me, managed to hurt myself on the way TO the field in my excitement to play.  I’m pretty sure I pulled the quad pretty bad.  The team was great, they understood.  I was the stand-in; some stand-in!  The first half I was just a place holder, letting the other girls on the team come off for a drink and catch their breath and for the second half, I was slightly more useful as a goalie.  Mind you, I’ve NEVER played goalie, but it gave them an extra player on the field to trade out with.  We won, not much to do with me, but I did block two (missed two, but they were clear across the goal and I probably would have missed them anyway… or at least that’s how I’m going to remember it – HA!)

It is so hard to watch and not play!

So tonight, I’m sitting here with an ice pack, hoping I won’t have to go in to the doc’s tomorrow.  Great job ace!  I guess cleaning up the garage tomorrow is out – again!  GRRR


We came under budget with the groceries, so I bought a little fun item for the girls.  They’ll love it!  Ok, probably not, but I will and really, isn’t that why we buy our pet’s stupid people stuff?

I have the matching colors!

My sewing room sounds like it’s been pushed back a bit, but tomorrow I’ll be getting phone calls, paper work and some knitting done.  All things I can do while sitting. 

~ I hate sitting still ~


Haze, gray & Underway July 26, 2011

The hubby left this morning; well actually, he left this afternoon, but I dropped him off this morning and later, two of the boys and I came back to watch the ship leave, along with several other families.

No, I’m not going to bore you with sad, lamenting tales of loneliness – at least not yet.  It is sad to watch your spouse leave for months at a time, but we knew it was coming, it’s part of his job and I am very proud of what he does, so it makes our separation a little easier.  Besides, I’m not sure if it’s completely sunk in yet?  I’ll let you know when it does!

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day and we took FULL advantage of it for our last day out with dad.  We went to the park and the boys and dad played some soccer. We drove around for a while looking at the sights and then the hubby took us out to an excellent mexican restaurant. 


Today however was gloomy, wet and just made for sending loved ones off.  The day even started off with thunder and lightning! 

The first-born had a test for a college program and past it with flying colors.  Now, if I could just get my back-side in gear and get his transcripts done.

The day just sort of, continued…. normalcy, will continue. 

One set of the boys’ bunk beds broke.  I’m chalking it up to the “Deployment Curse” – that everything will go wrong, once the hubby leaves.  I ordered them a new one – the first-born doesn’t need new glasses does he?

My sewing room is coming along much better.  I had planned on cleaning out the garage today so I would have room to cut my peg boards for my sewing room walls, but with all the rain, I couldn’t even open it without everything getting wet!  Hopefully tomorrow will be slightly drier so I can get some work done, otherwise it’s cleaning…. again.  *Bleck*

I am attempting to have the room done by the end of the week  and then – I can sew again.  *Ahh*


Friday randomness July 23, 2011

It was a semi-busy day today.  I woke up late; only about 2 hours before the hubby got home early from work, since it’s the last working day before the ship heads out.  You can’t do much with a day like that?


I spent most of yesterday attempting to get into the mil website to declare our broken items, only to get foiled by security certificates – that website exhausts me!  It takes you three different websites just to get to the page you need to submit the information.  It took me 4 computers only to stall out at the final page I needed.  I’m going in on Tuesday – I don’t need this aggravation!

So today I did something different to take my mind off the frustration of mil “efficiency” and the frustration of not wanting to sew yet.

I got to go to Lowe’s *Eek* and Wallyworld – yes, I voluntarily went to Wallyworld; they had what I needed! 

I’ve decided what I want to do with my sewing room:  I can’t paint; well I can, but I hate it – so I’m going to put up peg boards that I’ve spray painted in colors I like to make the room “mine” and to take the clutter off the floor, since this room is so small (not complaining, merely pointing out the obvious).  Lowe’s had the boards at a really good price, but the accessories are much cheaper on Amazon, so I’ll have to two-part this.  It’s not like I’m putting them up this weekend after all! 

  Don’t judge me – you know you’ve done this!  Gotten something just slightly to big for your car/van/truck and had to drive home wonky.  Ok – so I was 2 inches from the steering wheel and my knees were hitting the dash-board… so what if  I could barely move my legs… I got home didn’t I!  My van so ROCKS!  *And to the nice gentlemen who assisted me – THANK YOU!  Chivalry still lives!

My Wallyworld purchases were much less exciting, the grey plastic tubs I have my fabric, yarn and tools stored in.  I wanted matching ones for some other items that need to be permanently stored; extra pictures, baby blankets and curriculum.  The movers seem to hate the boxes, but it does my brain a world of good and them matching makes it that much better!  (Yes – I know… OCD!)  Some great chairs that the boys have been asking for that I found on discount; I managed to find one in each of their colors.  Discounted AND in their colors – I had to buy them!  Oh and my York, I really shouldn’t be eating those…

After all this, I was a bit tired, but still very excited for my date night with the hubby.  We’re making a good weekend of it since he leaves Monday, so tonight was our night out.  The food was great, the server was good and the company was excellent.  The view wasn’t to bad either – although, I don’t know if overlooking the ships he was about to be stuck on for the next several months was exactly what we were looking for?

Our view from the restaurant.

We ordered the boys pizza (and the second-born his plain chicken wings).  So is my ordering them food before the hubby leaves make it a going away party for them?  Hmmm – I guess it’s chinese when he get’s home so they’re more excited for him to be home then gone!  (Yes, boys REALLY do feel through their stomachs!  Their brains are another piece of anatomy!!)

... this would be food for four, plus what they ate out of the fridge!

What a good day!  I hope the rest of this weekend can be just as good for the hubby’s send off!  (Or really sucky so he’s glad to be on the ship!  HAHAHA)


Sewing room? July 21, 2011

I’ve have just about everything done in the house.  There are still things that we of course want to change around and a few things we’re still trying to decide on; where this goes and that.  Of course I say “we” as in, the “we” that was pregnant, or the “we” that went through basic training and dental school.  “We” as in, he’ll be on the ship and I’ll be the one deciding.  *Surprise honey – this is how your house looks!*

I’m still having trouble with my sewing room.  It’s just not calling to me.  Yeah, I sit in it to read the news in the morning and I sit and watch some HULU before bed, but so far, it’s been sort of picked at?  I’ve gotten a lot thrown out or given away – do I really need mylar balloons from HS and why exactly WAS I moving these around for so many years?


A little stuffed


Is it really a sewing room if I’m not sewing?

I’m trying to get back into it.  I have some yummy fabric calling my name, some lonely nights of no hubby coming up, you’d think I’d be just stoked?  Hmmm …

I did however find my LYS, which happens to be right next to the fabric store – NICE!  Btw – why can’t more fabric stores have bathrooms?  Don’t they know they’d sell more items if they did?  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to leave before I wanted to because of this small issue.  Lowe’s get’s this;  I guess Lowe’s does know!

A Good Yarn Shop

It’s almost time for the hubby to head out, we’ve got the packing done except for the things he can’t take on until the last day.

I got to play my first game of soccer (indoor) in 5 years – can we say SORE!!  But it was so much fun and it felt so good to be back out there, moving and thinking and just having a good time.  Ok, running at and possibly smashing a few ladies into the wall was fun too, but that is totally a side point.

No – I wasn’t excited or anything?

*Did I mention the teams color… ORANGE!

I think I’ll find my motivation after I clear a few things out of way, get a few shelves up and can finally see the floor again?  I’d put shelves up now, but that’s not conducive to good sleeping for the hubby!