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Happy 235th Birthday! :D July 4, 2011

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The sounds of freedom may be small and easy to dismiss, but take them away and you are left with deafening oppression!

As many are lamenting the booming, bangs, whistles and popping outside their windows this time of year, I relish every one of them…. ok, maybe not EVERY one of them; but with the right attitude, you get what the real meaning of this day is for Americans and America as a whole.  It’s not just another day for the neighbor’s to blow their hands off, spend way to much on something they will literally burn or teenagers to set off firecrackers at all hours, there is an actual meaning behind all of this!

Sit down and listen at the peak tonight, close your eyes and just sit.  The close up booming and whirling, the far of flickers of light and whistles.  The sparks down the street, followed by popping.  235 some years ago, you would have heard all these noises outside your door or down the road.  Just what did it feel like to hear a cannon ball wiz through your camp?  What did it smell like behind the cannon?  What did a bullet, out of an even then antiquated musket, sound like whistling past your head? 

– We’ll be joining one of our new neighbor’s for a pig roast to celebrate –

The idea of a feast in celebration is nothing new; pagans celebrated the earth and what it did for them.  Religions have celebrations to thank their gods.  Countries have days set aside to celebrate great victories.  Americans enjoy a celebration on July 4th to celebrate their freedom from tyranny, injustice and oppression.  What ever condition our country may be in at this moment in time, 325 years later, we are still a proud, strong, blessed people.  We need to remember what those men (and women) went through so many years ago to give us the opportunities we have today (and are still doing!).  And if listening to loud noises for a week or two is what brings that back to us, then bring it on!

 Now go out and light a sparkler!


Any thoughts?

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