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We’re here! July 11, 2011

We’ve made it!  We’ve made it in one whole piece – more or less.

The trip consisted of hot days, a sick child, a car repair, a parking lot accident, a crack in the windshield, a back hatch misbehaving, cold beaches, interesting family reunions, a sick child, broken furniture and a WHOLE lot of family time – FEW! 

We got our furniture last Friday and we’ve gotten everything out of the boxes.  Now we’re in the process of making a home. 

Boxes up to the ceiling!


 The treadmill is still in the middle of the living room, the bookshelves are now officially missing their peg’s.  Pictures are strewn all around the dining room and my sewing room is waist deep.  The bed’s are set up, the play room is usable and the kitchen is, well – we’re not falling on small appliances anymore. 

We’re marking down the broken items; luckily everything showed up this trip. 

The pet’s are very happy in their new place – the yard is huge and the cat has found her place.

The cat claiming her new spot

The boys are ecstatic!  The first-born has already made several friends, found us a very nice church (where I’ve already made some friends also) and is job hunting and signing himself up for soccer and a college program.  The younger three are enjoying their summer.  It’s cool enough that they can go out and play, but we brought the sunshine with us, so they’re not floating away either.

The hubby has been with us for the last month; he goes back to work today and we’ll have a bit longer together before his ship leaves for who knows how long.  It’s been a nice “vacation”.  Even when we had no idea what state we were in, what day it was, where we were staying, what time it was or even who we were talking too.   It’s been a looong month –

It feels so good to see the mountains again – so good!

Our new view!

This may not be home anymore, but it’s certainly nice to visit! 



Any thoughts?

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