My Blanken World

My world of boys, textiles and moving.

Unpacking and packing July 14, 2011

All the boxes are unpacked and even hauled away, graciously by our moving company today. 

Most of the important things have found their place in the house, or at least a spot hidden away out of the major traffic area’s until they find their final placement.  The last picture will be hung tomorrow, when the glue putting it back together is dry.  The garage is filled with the leftovers and items that just won’t fit.  (And my large containers of fabrics, yarns and stuffings.)

What? This isn't what your living room looks like?

We’re slowly finding our zones and routines again – except for the hubby.  We’re packing his gear for the ship, just like hundreds of other spouses and sailors.  Whether it’s their first tour, umpteenth or last – everyone’s getting ready.  Pulling together the things they want most, that can fit in the smallest of space.  Picking out the two pairs of clothes that they feel the most comfortable in, when they actually get to ditch their uniforms.  Making sure they have all the cords to their laptop, game system, camera, favorite e-reader and what other gadget they can fit into their locker.  After all this is over, it’s comforting to know that I’ve got so many people around me for, specifically our first tour, that understand and can comfort, commiserate and help me along and when needed, tell me to get over it and move on.  These ladies have been there, done it and have come back in more than one piece, toting their own badges of honor for doing their own tour of home-duties over and over again.

With only a week or so to go, it hasn’t quite hit me yet.  But my list of to-do’s, needs to be done and should have been done 3 weeks ago is growing, so the busyness should keep my mind occupied for at least a few months of his tour and the sewing, knitting and soccer should take care of the rest.  If not, I suppose I could pay attention to the boys if necessary….

The first-born has been volunteering at VBS for the week and just got his first job.  Between that, the college courses and soccer – I’m losing two men at once – SHEESH!  His brothers however have been enjoying the lack of requirements of school and chores – don’t bug mom and she won’t bug you.  Meaning – don’t go upstairs or she’ll ask you to do something!  While I usually don’t mind handing out chores, I have to say, I don’t mind them entertaining themselves for a while, at least until I get everything straight.

On top of all of this craziness, the Oly monster has decided she has a new bed.  I’m not to keen on this notion….


Any thoughts?

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