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Sewing room? July 21, 2011

I’ve have just about everything done in the house.  There are still things that we of course want to change around and a few things we’re still trying to decide on; where this goes and that.  Of course I say “we” as in, the “we” that was pregnant, or the “we” that went through basic training and dental school.  “We” as in, he’ll be on the ship and I’ll be the one deciding.  *Surprise honey – this is how your house looks!*

I’m still having trouble with my sewing room.  It’s just not calling to me.  Yeah, I sit in it to read the news in the morning and I sit and watch some HULU before bed, but so far, it’s been sort of picked at?  I’ve gotten a lot thrown out or given away – do I really need mylar balloons from HS and why exactly WAS I moving these around for so many years?


A little stuffed


Is it really a sewing room if I’m not sewing?

I’m trying to get back into it.  I have some yummy fabric calling my name, some lonely nights of no hubby coming up, you’d think I’d be just stoked?  Hmmm …

I did however find my LYS, which happens to be right next to the fabric store – NICE!  Btw – why can’t more fabric stores have bathrooms?  Don’t they know they’d sell more items if they did?  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to leave before I wanted to because of this small issue.  Lowe’s get’s this;  I guess Lowe’s does know!

A Good Yarn Shop

It’s almost time for the hubby to head out, we’ve got the packing done except for the things he can’t take on until the last day.

I got to play my first game of soccer (indoor) in 5 years – can we say SORE!!  But it was so much fun and it felt so good to be back out there, moving and thinking and just having a good time.  Ok, running at and possibly smashing a few ladies into the wall was fun too, but that is totally a side point.

No – I wasn’t excited or anything?

*Did I mention the teams color… ORANGE!

I think I’ll find my motivation after I clear a few things out of way, get a few shelves up and can finally see the floor again?  I’d put shelves up now, but that’s not conducive to good sleeping for the hubby!



Any thoughts?

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