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Friday randomness July 23, 2011

It was a semi-busy day today.  I woke up late; only about 2 hours before the hubby got home early from work, since it’s the last working day before the ship heads out.  You can’t do much with a day like that?


I spent most of yesterday attempting to get into the mil website to declare our broken items, only to get foiled by security certificates – that website exhausts me!  It takes you three different websites just to get to the page you need to submit the information.  It took me 4 computers only to stall out at the final page I needed.  I’m going in on Tuesday – I don’t need this aggravation!

So today I did something different to take my mind off the frustration of mil “efficiency” and the frustration of not wanting to sew yet.

I got to go to Lowe’s *Eek* and Wallyworld – yes, I voluntarily went to Wallyworld; they had what I needed! 

I’ve decided what I want to do with my sewing room:  I can’t paint; well I can, but I hate it – so I’m going to put up peg boards that I’ve spray painted in colors I like to make the room “mine” and to take the clutter off the floor, since this room is so small (not complaining, merely pointing out the obvious).  Lowe’s had the boards at a really good price, but the accessories are much cheaper on Amazon, so I’ll have to two-part this.  It’s not like I’m putting them up this weekend after all! 

  Don’t judge me – you know you’ve done this!  Gotten something just slightly to big for your car/van/truck and had to drive home wonky.  Ok – so I was 2 inches from the steering wheel and my knees were hitting the dash-board… so what if  I could barely move my legs… I got home didn’t I!  My van so ROCKS!  *And to the nice gentlemen who assisted me – THANK YOU!  Chivalry still lives!

My Wallyworld purchases were much less exciting, the grey plastic tubs I have my fabric, yarn and tools stored in.  I wanted matching ones for some other items that need to be permanently stored; extra pictures, baby blankets and curriculum.  The movers seem to hate the boxes, but it does my brain a world of good and them matching makes it that much better!  (Yes – I know… OCD!)  Some great chairs that the boys have been asking for that I found on discount; I managed to find one in each of their colors.  Discounted AND in their colors – I had to buy them!  Oh and my York, I really shouldn’t be eating those…

After all this, I was a bit tired, but still very excited for my date night with the hubby.  We’re making a good weekend of it since he leaves Monday, so tonight was our night out.  The food was great, the server was good and the company was excellent.  The view wasn’t to bad either – although, I don’t know if overlooking the ships he was about to be stuck on for the next several months was exactly what we were looking for?

Our view from the restaurant.

We ordered the boys pizza (and the second-born his plain chicken wings).  So is my ordering them food before the hubby leaves make it a going away party for them?  Hmmm – I guess it’s chinese when he get’s home so they’re more excited for him to be home then gone!  (Yes, boys REALLY do feel through their stomachs!  Their brains are another piece of anatomy!!)

... this would be food for four, plus what they ate out of the fridge!

What a good day!  I hope the rest of this weekend can be just as good for the hubby’s send off!  (Or really sucky so he’s glad to be on the ship!  HAHAHA)