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Haze, gray & Underway July 26, 2011

The hubby left this morning; well actually, he left this afternoon, but I dropped him off this morning and later, two of the boys and I came back to watch the ship leave, along with several other families.

No, I’m not going to bore you with sad, lamenting tales of loneliness – at least not yet.  It is sad to watch your spouse leave for months at a time, but we knew it was coming, it’s part of his job and I am very proud of what he does, so it makes our separation a little easier.  Besides, I’m not sure if it’s completely sunk in yet?  I’ll let you know when it does!

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day and we took FULL advantage of it for our last day out with dad.  We went to the park and the boys and dad played some soccer. We drove around for a while looking at the sights and then the hubby took us out to an excellent mexican restaurant. 


Today however was gloomy, wet and just made for sending loved ones off.  The day even started off with thunder and lightning! 

The first-born had a test for a college program and past it with flying colors.  Now, if I could just get my back-side in gear and get his transcripts done.

The day just sort of, continued…. normalcy, will continue. 

One set of the boys’ bunk beds broke.  I’m chalking it up to the “Deployment Curse” – that everything will go wrong, once the hubby leaves.  I ordered them a new one – the first-born doesn’t need new glasses does he?

My sewing room is coming along much better.  I had planned on cleaning out the garage today so I would have room to cut my peg boards for my sewing room walls, but with all the rain, I couldn’t even open it without everything getting wet!  Hopefully tomorrow will be slightly drier so I can get some work done, otherwise it’s cleaning…. again.  *Bleck*

I am attempting to have the room done by the end of the week  and then – I can sew again.  *Ahh*