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OUCH! July 27, 2011

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Today actually went pretty smoothly. 

We went shopping at Costco, the pet store and a local store, and while we were slowly roaming the isles of the local store I remembered I was supposed to play soccer in less than an hour.  EGADS!  We booked it out of the store, heading home.  And while the boys unloaded the groceries, I got myself ready and headed out.

I arrived with 2 minutes to spare.  Me, being me, managed to hurt myself on the way TO the field in my excitement to play.  I’m pretty sure I pulled the quad pretty bad.  The team was great, they understood.  I was the stand-in; some stand-in!  The first half I was just a place holder, letting the other girls on the team come off for a drink and catch their breath and for the second half, I was slightly more useful as a goalie.  Mind you, I’ve NEVER played goalie, but it gave them an extra player on the field to trade out with.  We won, not much to do with me, but I did block two (missed two, but they were clear across the goal and I probably would have missed them anyway… or at least that’s how I’m going to remember it – HA!)

It is so hard to watch and not play!

So tonight, I’m sitting here with an ice pack, hoping I won’t have to go in to the doc’s tomorrow.  Great job ace!  I guess cleaning up the garage tomorrow is out – again!  GRRR


We came under budget with the groceries, so I bought a little fun item for the girls.  They’ll love it!  Ok, probably not, but I will and really, isn’t that why we buy our pet’s stupid people stuff?

I have the matching colors!

My sewing room sounds like it’s been pushed back a bit, but tomorrow I’ll be getting phone calls, paper work and some knitting done.  All things I can do while sitting. 

~ I hate sitting still ~


Any thoughts?

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