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The garage is clean! *cue heavenly music* July 29, 2011

I know, I know – I’m supposed to be sitting still.  But the garage was calling to me – really it was! 


Look how clean it is!   Hey, don’t ruin this by telling me it looks like I need to clean the garage, I should have shown you the before – I almost hurt myself just trying to get in!

Oh – and look who found her labeler!  *big red heart*








All the important things you know!


Now we have all the important stuff!

With 21+ grey boxes and about 10 clear boxes – labeling is a MUST!  It really sucks though, that I moved the grey shelves to the garage, only to discover that the grey boxes wouldn’t fit on them – ^%##$%.  Well, other things fit on there….

Well, now that I’ve got the garage clean, my sewing and bedroom are a mess.  I had to bring up my clothes from the garage (well I didn’t *have* to, but I’m tired of running to the garage every time I need clothes).  So now I’ve got a room full of clothes and work-out equipment and a new bed frame showing up any day; we’re like, almost grown-ups! 

My sewing room lost its shelves to the garage, but since the garage is cleaned out, I can cut and paint my peg boards now.  (Those are the large boards you see in the garage photo)  Those will clean up the room again – I hope? 

But tonight, I’m sitting here with ice on my leg.  It isn’t too sore, but I’d like it to stay that way!

On top of all this activity, it was gorgeous out – no rain and I almost got to put shorts on!  WOW!  I also have been chatting with the hubby’s, commander’s, wife (you follow that?).  She’s very nice and very helpful.  She’s also one of the few other officer’s families that seem to live on this side of the bay!  I’ll just call it “Cheapside” (for those who’ve seen A Knights Tale). 

We also are getting the garage fixed tomorrow, so it will stay closed when we close it – YAY! 

Exciting week for us!