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Happy Anniversary! August 23, 2011

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*Hey – I don’t know what you do for your anniversary, but this is what I do*



This isn’t my yard however; this is the yard of a friend of mine.  She hurt her arm while she was in the middle redoing her whole yard and needed help finishing.  So putting pavers in and a mini container of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream was my anniversary.  Oh the hubby’s so good to me – “he” bought me a potted plant; he doesn’t know it yet, but he did.  *snicker* And I got him a new lawn gnome.  He’s always wanted one, so I picked one up today for when he get’s back.


I should also mention that my first-born took me out on a “date” and got me mashed potatoes – mmmmmm my favorite!!  I think I hear the treadmill calling my big butt?

Along with meeting the Oly Monster’s new trainer – I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary if the hubby has to be gone.


Excuses, excuses August 20, 2011

They’re like back sides – we’ve all got them and they all stink!

For me – I’d really appreciate one day where nothing was broken, pee’d on or any crazy phone calls that ruin the rest of my day.  Today was not one of those.  Granted my fancy new patio furniture showed up which I knew was going to have to be put together – I just didn’t realize how MUCH it as going to have to be put together.  Totally worth it though!

In my favorite color to boot!

So what do I need an excuse for?  I had planned on sewing all day – short of the time I carved out for putting these beauties together, but instead I sprayed the lawn with weed killer, got to talk with the hubby and ….. wait for it….. fixed yet another broken appliance.  *red angry face*

It’s the second-borns job to do the dishes and I must say, this will never be his career.  The kid sucks at it, but none-the-less I make him continue because he’s got to learn.  So, whether in protest, knuckle-headedness or laziness, he hasn’t been rinsing the dishes at all.  To the point that he’s been putting popcorn bowls in the dishwasher with unpopped popcorn seeds still in them, unbeknownst to me.  So when the dishes weren’t coming out clean after the third try, *I* loaded them and they STILL didn’t come out clean and that’s when I noticed that the dishwasher wasn’t finishing its cycle. 

I ended up having to take out all the bottom parts to get to the grinder and that’s where I found about a cup of unpopped popcorn waiting for me – GRRRR! 

Ok, so there are all my good excuses – see, not so good.  Well, except for the hubby’s phone call.  *grin*

I’m going to make a good effort to get some cutting done tonight and my sweater blocked.  It’s been sitting in my bathroom in a bowl for about 3 days and it’s freaking the boys out when they use my bathroom; easy solution to that dilemma – stop using my bathroom!  Oh sorry, side tracked there….

They claim it looks like I’m keeping a jelly fish in the bathroom – I told them not to touch it… it might just be!

So my hopes are high for tomorrow; just to have a really boring day…. on my new patio furniture – heehee.



Here’s the stitch…. August 19, 2011

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… I crack myself up! 

Ok – This top/jacket/dress, what ever you want to call it, I want it –


This is the pattern I’m using  –

That is until I realized that the skirt portion is a false wrap-around.  *shrug*  So I’m using this pattern for the skirt:

Could I just make the skirt a wrap-around all on my own?  Of course, but if I’ve got the bottom right here, why?  They both fit together without any alterations, so I’m making it easy on myself.  I’ll also be adding the extra-large fabric edge like in the photo. 

If you remember a while back (a couple of months now) I ordered the Milliskin fabric, which came to me MUCH brighter than I had expected.  I’m ok with that, I like bright colors, but I think next time I make this I’ll go a little more subtle and maybe with a patterned fabric? 

And with the left over fabric I’m going to make my swim suit, like I also mentioned….. a while back.  I’m a busy woman – give me a break here!

I’ve got the pattern traced and ready to cut out, I’m definitely doing a muslin first since the fabric I’m using was nearly $10 a yard.  That’s spendy for me! 

This is my current project – it feels good to get back to my work again!


One month down

It’s been a month since the hubby left and so far I think I’ve done pretty well, especially with all the craziness!

Ok, it’s only been a month, we’ll see how I’m talking in 5 or 6 months from now…

I can’t complain too much, I get to e-mail him everyday and get a phone call every few days.  A lot of spouses only get that sort of privilege every few months, if that – so I am really lucky! 

He's somewhere on there?

The house is now done so I have to find some new projects to occupy my time.  I’ve finished my sweater (that I’ve been working on for literally months now), it’s soaking or I’d share it with you.  I’ve been working on the pattern for my new jacket/top and gotten my bedroom in working order – at least enough to live in until I get a wild hair to improve it.  I even ordered a mattress finally – I’m almost like – a grown up!  I’ve even gotten my workout equipment up again so I can get up and moving again.  Hopefully these things will all keep me out of trouble.  *whistling*

I’m feeling a project coming on at the moment, but I’m trying to stifle it – it feels like a big one.  A “your husband would never approve, so hurry up and get it done before he get’s home” project.  Hmm? 

See, this is what happens when your voice of reason is gone to long!

I know when I’m getting the tweek – the orange hair comes out.  Today I behaved, I only wore a small strip, but the boys got a worried look on their faces when “the wig” came out.  I swear I only pulled it out to brush it after the move!  And honestly I usually only wear it for roller derby nights and when the boys are being ornery – it works amazingly well for that too I might add!


I’ll keep you updated on my project idea… *poking the project horns back in*


*I* am awesome! August 16, 2011

Truly – I am!   Or at least I feel that way today after a lot of other “stuff” going on.

First I’d like to say – I’m FINALLY back to sewing!  YAY – yeah, yeah.  I know no one really cares, but my brain feels better for it!

I admit it – I’ve only gotten the patterns cut out.

Between Dr. appts, grocery shopping, broken fences, crazy phone calls and broken wash machines – it’s just been CRAZY!

I kid you not, I was called this morning by the hubby’s student loan company and told I can’t help them.  “So you called me, to tell me there’s a problem, but I can’t do anything about it?  Thaaaaat’s great!”  POA to the rescue – 24-48 hours *I* am the one in charge again!  Grrr –

The fence had been broken for a few weeks in a couple of spot’s so the second-born and I went out to fix it yesterday after Josie had gotten out – again.  Just a simple fix huh?  Yeah, the bolts on the gate were impossible to get out, but after a few hours, we managed.  Only to find that an animal busted out two more boards while we were gone today!

Did I mention that we found out an animal has been peeing in my tool box in the garage?  UHHHHG!  Yeah, we didn’t discover this until AFTER I took a few tools out.

And to top it all off, the wash machine decided to leak all over the floor last night.  A huge tear in the door gasket – this is where my awesomeness comes in.  I HAD the part already and with the assistance of my first-born, repaired and replaced it.  I…*WE* are awesome!



Maybe next I’ll take after the handy homeowner girl and fix the front porch light!

So I have to decide if I want to sew tonight after all this craziness; I might just go lay down on my deflated bed?




I’ve done it! August 12, 2011

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It really feels good to have this room completed!  Or at least completed enough to sew something.  And who would have thought that after waking up this morning on a deflated bed I’d be so motivated!  Maybe I should let the air out of my bed more often?

When I found myself entirely to close to my cat this morning, I realized that I was also entirely to close to the boards under the air mattress.  Not sure if it was the cat, jumping up on the bed, that caused the puncture or the bed itself.  None-the-less, I’ll be spending my evening finding the hole in the bed tonight.  Maybe I’ll just stay up all night reveling over my new space – especially since I still have my room left to work on.  Bleh – I’m over putting the house together.

My new space –


The room is a lot smaller and closed off than I’m used to, but the fact that I still get my own room… all to myself – yeah, I’m not going to complain!  The family IS good to me – that or I scare them?  Hmm, might have to ask them about that?

I’m getting ready to hunt-down the patterns and fabric I started pulling together at the last house.  I’m giddy with anticipation at getting back to sewing!  I’m also almost finished with the sweater I’ve been working on for well, months – since I was waiting for two more skeins of yarn to show up.  I’m on the final sleeve now and then I’ll just have to sew it together. 

I ALSO got invited back to play soccer on the team I subbed (and injured myself) for.  I was truly surprised they wanted me back after hurting myself getting ON the field!  They’re losing 6 players – must be desperation.  They don’t start the new set of games until next month, so that gives me a whole month to get back to tip-top shape so I won’t re-injure myself.   Hopefully that also means the boys will get on teams now too.  I know I’D like them to burn off some energy… do you think I could sign them up for games EVERY day?  No, hmmm….

It’s all coming together – maybe I should leave the bed deflated?


Sloooowly….. August 10, 2011

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I’m not sure what the hold up is.  I have my sewing room just about completed, a few things that need to be put away here and there.  Boards are up, colors look great.

Ok, I did actually sew, a smidgen –

The zippers on our old couch had been busted for years, but I can't sell it if they're broken.

Ok, so it’s not exciting and I had to do it by hand, but it’s a start people!

I’m not sure if it’s because the house isn’t completely done or if it’s because the hubby’s gone – I’m just feeling unmotivated to do anything.

I’ve been hiding from my work by assisting a friend with her yard work, but she’s been injured, so that’s on the back burner for a while.

I’ve got to get schoolwork ordered and the house finished.  None of that is getting done.  I have yummy fabric and yarn waiting for me….  Granted I’ve been injured, I’ve been helping people out and getting things for the house – Like our first new couch – EEK!

It's BIG! Funny - it didn't look that big in Costco? And no - she's not allowed on there!

 Pretty cool – eh!

My boys now officially think I’m awesome because they can all fit on the couch at once – who knew it would be so easy!  The Oly Monster thinks I suck however, because she can no longer sit on the couch – even today, her third birthday.


So, I guess it’s not as though I’ve just been sitting around?  I also got our bed put together – so I guess I’ve by lying around?  Funniest thing too –

Um – yeah.

We don’t plan on leaving our air mattress on the new bed, we’re just waiting for a really good sale!  I just think it’s hysterical that the air mattress is about 3 inches bigger than the bed, all the way around – HA!  And yesterday morning I about killed myself getting out of bed – it’s been so long since I’ve slept in an actual bed up off the floor in my own house; I forgot when I got up and nearly fell out of the bed! 

The couch has inspired me however, I love the color.  Now it needs some orange and teal pillows or maybe a blanket, to really make it ours!
I guess I’ll get back to normal – slowly.   In the mean time:  Life is good!