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I’ve done it! August 12, 2011

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It really feels good to have this room completed!  Or at least completed enough to sew something.  And who would have thought that after waking up this morning on a deflated bed I’d be so motivated!  Maybe I should let the air out of my bed more often?

When I found myself entirely to close to my cat this morning, I realized that I was also entirely to close to the boards under the air mattress.  Not sure if it was the cat, jumping up on the bed, that caused the puncture or the bed itself.  None-the-less, I’ll be spending my evening finding the hole in the bed tonight.  Maybe I’ll just stay up all night reveling over my new space – especially since I still have my room left to work on.  Bleh – I’m over putting the house together.

My new space –


The room is a lot smaller and closed off than I’m used to, but the fact that I still get my own room… all to myself – yeah, I’m not going to complain!  The family IS good to me – that or I scare them?  Hmm, might have to ask them about that?

I’m getting ready to hunt-down the patterns and fabric I started pulling together at the last house.  I’m giddy with anticipation at getting back to sewing!  I’m also almost finished with the sweater I’ve been working on for well, months – since I was waiting for two more skeins of yarn to show up.  I’m on the final sleeve now and then I’ll just have to sew it together. 

I ALSO got invited back to play soccer on the team I subbed (and injured myself) for.  I was truly surprised they wanted me back after hurting myself getting ON the field!  They’re losing 6 players – must be desperation.  They don’t start the new set of games until next month, so that gives me a whole month to get back to tip-top shape so I won’t re-injure myself.   Hopefully that also means the boys will get on teams now too.  I know I’D like them to burn off some energy… do you think I could sign them up for games EVERY day?  No, hmmm….

It’s all coming together – maybe I should leave the bed deflated?


Any thoughts?

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