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*I* am awesome! August 16, 2011

Truly – I am!   Or at least I feel that way today after a lot of other “stuff” going on.

First I’d like to say – I’m FINALLY back to sewing!  YAY – yeah, yeah.  I know no one really cares, but my brain feels better for it!

I admit it – I’ve only gotten the patterns cut out.

Between Dr. appts, grocery shopping, broken fences, crazy phone calls and broken wash machines – it’s just been CRAZY!

I kid you not, I was called this morning by the hubby’s student loan company and told I can’t help them.  “So you called me, to tell me there’s a problem, but I can’t do anything about it?  Thaaaaat’s great!”  POA to the rescue – 24-48 hours *I* am the one in charge again!  Grrr –

The fence had been broken for a few weeks in a couple of spot’s so the second-born and I went out to fix it yesterday after Josie had gotten out – again.  Just a simple fix huh?  Yeah, the bolts on the gate were impossible to get out, but after a few hours, we managed.  Only to find that an animal busted out two more boards while we were gone today!

Did I mention that we found out an animal has been peeing in my tool box in the garage?  UHHHHG!  Yeah, we didn’t discover this until AFTER I took a few tools out.

And to top it all off, the wash machine decided to leak all over the floor last night.  A huge tear in the door gasket – this is where my awesomeness comes in.  I HAD the part already and with the assistance of my first-born, repaired and replaced it.  I…*WE* are awesome!



Maybe next I’ll take after the handy homeowner girl and fix the front porch light!

So I have to decide if I want to sew tonight after all this craziness; I might just go lay down on my deflated bed?




Any thoughts?

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