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Here’s the stitch…. August 19, 2011

Filed under: Sewing — blankenmom @ 10:50 pm

… I crack myself up! 

Ok – This top/jacket/dress, what ever you want to call it, I want it –


This is the pattern I’m using  –

That is until I realized that the skirt portion is a false wrap-around.  *shrug*  So I’m using this pattern for the skirt:

Could I just make the skirt a wrap-around all on my own?  Of course, but if I’ve got the bottom right here, why?  They both fit together without any alterations, so I’m making it easy on myself.  I’ll also be adding the extra-large fabric edge like in the photo. 

If you remember a while back (a couple of months now) I ordered the Milliskin fabric, which came to me MUCH brighter than I had expected.  I’m ok with that, I like bright colors, but I think next time I make this I’ll go a little more subtle and maybe with a patterned fabric? 

And with the left over fabric I’m going to make my swim suit, like I also mentioned….. a while back.  I’m a busy woman – give me a break here!

I’ve got the pattern traced and ready to cut out, I’m definitely doing a muslin first since the fabric I’m using was nearly $10 a yard.  That’s spendy for me! 

This is my current project – it feels good to get back to my work again!


Any thoughts?

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