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One month down August 19, 2011

It’s been a month since the hubby left and so far I think I’ve done pretty well, especially with all the craziness!

Ok, it’s only been a month, we’ll see how I’m talking in 5 or 6 months from now…

I can’t complain too much, I get to e-mail him everyday and get a phone call every few days.  A lot of spouses only get that sort of privilege every few months, if that – so I am really lucky! 

He's somewhere on there?

The house is now done so I have to find some new projects to occupy my time.  I’ve finished my sweater (that I’ve been working on for literally months now), it’s soaking or I’d share it with you.  I’ve been working on the pattern for my new jacket/top and gotten my bedroom in working order – at least enough to live in until I get a wild hair to improve it.  I even ordered a mattress finally – I’m almost like – a grown up!  I’ve even gotten my workout equipment up again so I can get up and moving again.  Hopefully these things will all keep me out of trouble.  *whistling*

I’m feeling a project coming on at the moment, but I’m trying to stifle it – it feels like a big one.  A “your husband would never approve, so hurry up and get it done before he get’s home” project.  Hmm? 

See, this is what happens when your voice of reason is gone to long!

I know when I’m getting the tweek – the orange hair comes out.  Today I behaved, I only wore a small strip, but the boys got a worried look on their faces when “the wig” came out.  I swear I only pulled it out to brush it after the move!  And honestly I usually only wear it for roller derby nights and when the boys are being ornery – it works amazingly well for that too I might add!


I’ll keep you updated on my project idea… *poking the project horns back in*


3 Responses to “One month down”

  1. Nicholette Says:

    Wait. You’re in a roller derby???

    • blankenmom Says:

      Oh – I wish! We’ve decided… ok the hubby wisely reminded me, that he’ll be gone for 7+ months and if I became injured in that time (which is likely in roller derby) that I would be less likely to complete my motherly duties in full, especiallly without someone bigger than me to assist in getting up and down our stairs. And – on occasion, I behave and listen to his wisdom….

      Soooo – we’ll revisit this discussion when he get’s back! 😀 You wanna come join with me don’t ya!

      • blankenmom Says:

        As for the wig… I wear it when I GO to roller derby with my knitting gals, along with some lovely glittery lashes! (My knitting group is NOT your average knitting group!)

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