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Excuses, excuses August 20, 2011

They’re like back sides – we’ve all got them and they all stink!

For me – I’d really appreciate one day where nothing was broken, pee’d on or any crazy phone calls that ruin the rest of my day.  Today was not one of those.  Granted my fancy new patio furniture showed up which I knew was going to have to be put together – I just didn’t realize how MUCH it as going to have to be put together.  Totally worth it though!

In my favorite color to boot!

So what do I need an excuse for?  I had planned on sewing all day – short of the time I carved out for putting these beauties together, but instead I sprayed the lawn with weed killer, got to talk with the hubby and ….. wait for it….. fixed yet another broken appliance.  *red angry face*

It’s the second-borns job to do the dishes and I must say, this will never be his career.  The kid sucks at it, but none-the-less I make him continue because he’s got to learn.  So, whether in protest, knuckle-headedness or laziness, he hasn’t been rinsing the dishes at all.  To the point that he’s been putting popcorn bowls in the dishwasher with unpopped popcorn seeds still in them, unbeknownst to me.  So when the dishes weren’t coming out clean after the third try, *I* loaded them and they STILL didn’t come out clean and that’s when I noticed that the dishwasher wasn’t finishing its cycle. 

I ended up having to take out all the bottom parts to get to the grinder and that’s where I found about a cup of unpopped popcorn waiting for me – GRRRR! 

Ok, so there are all my good excuses – see, not so good.  Well, except for the hubby’s phone call.  *grin*

I’m going to make a good effort to get some cutting done tonight and my sweater blocked.  It’s been sitting in my bathroom in a bowl for about 3 days and it’s freaking the boys out when they use my bathroom; easy solution to that dilemma – stop using my bathroom!  Oh sorry, side tracked there….

They claim it looks like I’m keeping a jelly fish in the bathroom – I told them not to touch it… it might just be!

So my hopes are high for tomorrow; just to have a really boring day…. on my new patio furniture – heehee.



Any thoughts?

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