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Happy Anniversary! August 23, 2011

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*Hey – I don’t know what you do for your anniversary, but this is what I do*



This isn’t my yard however; this is the yard of a friend of mine.  She hurt her arm while she was in the middle redoing her whole yard and needed help finishing.  So putting pavers in and a mini container of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream was my anniversary.  Oh the hubby’s so good to me – “he” bought me a potted plant; he doesn’t know it yet, but he did.  *snicker* And I got him a new lawn gnome.  He’s always wanted one, so I picked one up today for when he get’s back.


I should also mention that my first-born took me out on a “date” and got me mashed potatoes – mmmmmm my favorite!!  I think I hear the treadmill calling my big butt?

Along with meeting the Oly Monster’s new trainer – I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary if the hubby has to be gone.


Any thoughts?

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