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Freedom, seen from 1948 September 27, 2011

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This isn’t a normal post for me, but I thought this was such a good little cartoon, that I had to pass it along.  It’s about 9 minutes, so get a cup of tea and sit back.  Very cute, and very relevant even or more so today.


From the National Juggernaut


Whether you agree with the other statements on the site or not – this cartoon is a good eye opener for today.






Heathens and Helpers September 24, 2011

Have I EVER been a busy little lady!

Last week we had visitors of all sorts.  Grandparents, Great Aunts and Aunt’s, Uncle’s and the girl cousins.  Wow what a week! 

After all that, the fam decided it was a good time to get sick.  It had been several years, so we thought we’d pass around a few sniffles and yucks.  We’ve decided it’s no longer fun, so we’re done with that now and are moving on to a new adventure.

Last weekend we had another kind of visitor – someone broke into the van and made total mess of it and stole a DS Lite.  Leaving behind a quarter collection, 2 more DS Lites, change in the compartment and all our cd’s (what’s that say about our music choices?) – not that I’m complaining, I just think it’s odd that they’d leave all that after taking such care to go through everything?



No – this is NOT what my van normally looks like!


A few days later someone busted the mailbox post?





What the heck!

They’ve also been moving the pavers we just put out, randomly…   I decided enough was enough.  It was time to get the lights out front fixed and hopefully stop this!  Thanks to the handy homeowner girl I felt totally confident in my ability to do this.  The porch light was out AND the light out by the corner.  I managed the light by the door very well; it was no problem. 



The one out by the street was another question?  I got all the wires hooked up and nothing…. Well hmmm? 

Cue nice neighbors ~ The man next door to us, saw me outside working on the lights and asked what I was up to.  I explained about all the things that had been happening, since he’d been gone vacationing with his wife.  I showed him the mailbox post and the front porch light, but this light just wasn’t wanting to work.  He walked across the street to the cul-de-sac and talked with another neighbor.  They both walked back to the house and started working.  The first neighbor helped me get the old post out, put the new one in and put the mailbox back on and the second neighbor – who happens to be an electrician – helped me figure out what the issue was.  Turns out my wiring was perfect (well nearly) but there was a switch issue, which he showed me how to fix, so I could do the next one on my own.

How stinking AWESOME was that!!

I'll be painting the post black next week. For now I just wanted the light fixed.

I really do like to do things on my own, but I also know when to take outside help when needed and it was needed and much appreciated!  We’ll be bringing them cookies on Monday – Tomorrow is Granny’s birthday – we’ll be to busy. 

On top of all this awesomeness – my mattress FINALLY showed up!  Only 5 weeks after I ordered it.  I don’t think I’ll be ordering from Sears Outlet much anymore.  BUT the bed IS super comfy and so much better than a deflating air mattress!

It's been 5 years since I've slept in a real bed, in my own room. So nice!


I have been working on a few sewing and knitting projects, but there Christmas gifts – so no peeking!


*SQUEE* September 14, 2011

After the last weekend, which was a tough one for me, I got a great pic of the hubby on FB today.  Actually several – I’m not excited or anything!  It just made my month – the renters can pay late and let their dogs pee on the carpet, the boys can take forever on their school work and the neighbor dogs can bark for hours, but I’ll still have a pic of my sexy dentist man!

I feel sorry for the poor guy in the chair - he finally get's his pic up and this is it?

 I’ll let you wonder which one he is. *wink*

I have about 5 more – but I won’t bore you… today.


Also an added bonus since my soccer game was canceled tonight.  The team before us busted a window…


On top of that, I finished my skirt and our Granny’s birthday gift.  And FINALLY got back to my tops.  The colors aren’t thrilling me, so I’ve been holding off.  But if I get them finished, then I can decide how I like them and possibly make more, in better colors.




I see a color scheme developing here?


Paint Day 11′ September 3, 2011

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What a long day!

I managed to finish up my big project this morning before the big party.  Thanks boys – you were all awesome for helping out!


And here are my before and after pics:




And a few more:





*no looking at the brown grass…. it’ll rain soon enough*



AND OF COURSEPaint Day at Blankenmom’s!

I love this picture – The aftermath

5 gallons of paint, a half an hour, about 8 kids and 2 lbs of Smors makes for an excellent Paint Day! 


There's that couch again...

 Oly Monster fully agrees





While the hubby is off taking a working “cruise” and “seeing sights” (mostly wet ones) – I have been a busy, busy bee!

I have some big projects that are about to be finished….

 …. a sneak peek.

And also….


And you’all thought I was just sitting here on my keester  knitting… ok, I was a little.  But only after a long day of working hard around the house or on my sewing project!

School starts on Monday – Yes, I know it’s a holiday, but not in our house.  We take Christmas break (*GASP* I said Christmas!  Yes, one of the many perks to homeschooling.  You’re allowed to call it whatever you want, even that dreaded word Christmas.)  It occurred to me last night that I still haven’t put the boys’ schoolwork on their laptops… I should probably get on that?  Sunday’s going to be a VERY busy day for me!  What’s that you say?  I could do it tomorrow night?  Uh – I DON’T THINK SO!   It’s “Paint Day at Blankenmom’s!”  We hold it every year the weekend before school starts.  I’ll post pic’s – you’ll love it!

We got all this done while hoping “that house” up north fell over/floated/blew away…. oops, did  I say that out loud, I ment to say *didn’t*… um yeah.  None-the-less, it’s still there *grumble*.   It did flood, but it didn’t make it inside, the water came up to about 3 1/2 feet and “that house” is about 4 feet up; good for the renters and means less hassle for me.  Now, if only most of my neighbor’s could have been so lucky.  I really do feel bad about that part.

So – in a couple of days I’ll be able to show you the end results of my latest projects.  While they’re not the *big one* I’ve been thinking of, they have been keeping me out of trouble and stress free.