My Blanken World

My world of boys, textiles and moving.

*SQUEE* September 14, 2011

After the last weekend, which was a tough one for me, I got a great pic of the hubby on FB today.  Actually several – I’m not excited or anything!  It just made my month – the renters can pay late and let their dogs pee on the carpet, the boys can take forever on their school work and the neighbor dogs can bark for hours, but I’ll still have a pic of my sexy dentist man!

I feel sorry for the poor guy in the chair - he finally get's his pic up and this is it?

 I’ll let you wonder which one he is. *wink*

I have about 5 more – but I won’t bore you… today.


Also an added bonus since my soccer game was canceled tonight.  The team before us busted a window…


On top of that, I finished my skirt and our Granny’s birthday gift.  And FINALLY got back to my tops.  The colors aren’t thrilling me, so I’ve been holding off.  But if I get them finished, then I can decide how I like them and possibly make more, in better colors.




I see a color scheme developing here?


Any thoughts?

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