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Witches brew in the toilet October 3, 2011

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It’s been a long two weeks for me, and our handyman at “that house”. 

What started out as a simple tiling issue around the toilet turned into a major bathroom problem – not to mention the soon discovered piping issues caused by the recent hurricane/flood where the house stands. 

With the none-to-happy renters breathing down the handyman’s neck in their soul bathroom, as he attempted to find the source of the leak that had been plaguing us since the first week WE moved in 4 years ago.   Which was also causing the tile to pop, water to drip on to the stove underneath AND one of the support beams to break thanks to past “do-it-yourselfers” who didn’t know what they were doing and cut into them. 

After completely ripping out the flooring, tub, support beams and reinstalling all of the above, he then discovered the dislodged a.c. pipes in the crawl space that would have, if turned on, leaked lethal gases into the house with our renters…. now, they’ve paid late every month, moved two dogs in without permission and have already started to damage the house (we won’t mention all the minor things they asked him to repair while he was there) so this made me pause for a minute.  But human decency and compassion stepped in and I told him to fix it.  While down there, he also discovered that the pipes that brought the water to the boiler (they still heat with steam in most houses there) had ruptured and was leaking massive amounts of water.  *Sigh* – fix it please…..

At one point, he didn’t even want to call me anymore there were so many problems.  Have I mentioned yet, how much I hate this house? 

So hopefully, after 4 years and many plumbers, this leak is finally fixed. The plumbing put in correctly and the flooring will stay put.   And now hopefully the renters won’t call again – for at least another month!

On the bright side – it’s October – which means costumes!  I LOVE COSTUMES!  So I’ll be setting aside my top, that is driving me so insane and start on two of my four boys’ costumes.  One will be Wesley from The Princess Bride; a costume I’ve already made for my hubby, so it should go pretty smoothly this time.  And the other wants to be a gorilla – I am only making the body; we ordered the head.

I so want to make myself a “Fall Fairy” costume.  Two actually: A short, corseted fun one and one GIANT poofy one – both with sparkles to the hills of course.  I’m thinking of this as I’m passing all the gorgeous bolts of sparkly, speckled, lavish, fancy fabrics in beautiful fall and jewel tones for boring, basic black.  Black in stretch, crushed panne, black cotton and black fur.  Can I go back to the sparkly fabrics now?

I will give you pics when they’re all done, but for now, they’re giant piles of fabric sitting on my sewing table waiting to be something fun.




Any thoughts?

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