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Making it simple October 8, 2011

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I really, really don’t enjoy making jewelry.  As a matter of fact, for all my love of all things that sparkle – short of a few very special pieces, I don’t even like wearing it all that much!  For all of you who do make it – I tip my hat to you; you earn your money!

I have a customer from when we lived at “that house” that had and still has me make necklaces for him to sell.  For some reason, the fact that I sew, means I can also make jewelry and various other crafts? 

But I did say yes, so I shouldn’t complain.

He had an idea, showed it to me and I’ve been attempting to make it the way he wants since then.  He’s sold what “we’ve” made so far, but we’re still in the process of perfecting the piece. 

And tonight – I finally found the tutorial that put’s all the pieces together!  Can you hear the angels singing!!

Thank you Lorraine Dowdle for your awesome youtube video that I’ve been searching for, for over a year now!  It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a huge difference.

I have ordered the components without the normal hesitation and curmudgeonry that I normally order with and am now looking forward to putting the pieces together. 

I can’t post pic’s yet… I just ordered the parts silly!

So tonight I will head to bed, knowing that in a week, I can put the pieces together without the pain and agony usually associated with this project – after all, sore hands are reserved for cutting fabric, knitting and brick work!