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Winterizing the blankenfamily October 14, 2011

After spending almost a year in the south, I’m finding it a bit difficult to get used to the NW again.  This includes the fall rains that I used to enjoy so much.  We’re hunkering down and winterizing everything we own. 

The wood was ordered and stacked.  I have to admit I’ve missed real wood fires.  And what a great way to tire out your kiddo’s than to have them stack two cords of wood …. and bring it up the stairs to the fireplace!



The grass is fed for winter, new patio furniture put under the tarp, deck cleared off and outside toys (read: Nerf outlet)  put away.  The grey skies are looming and the rains are enough to make you look for Noah.  We’re all trying to get back into the NW thinking, but it’s slow going.  We’re finding our own little things to perk us up.  Fires that we love and will of course soon include s’mores and roasted marshmallows.  Lot’s of warm soups and yummy foods.  We invested in a “Light therapy box” and we’re enjoying thoroughly.  We park ourselves in front of it for lunch everyday;  it makes the schoolday go so much smoother.


Note the grey, dark skies outside… at noon.


My little ways of coping? 


Just the most yummy, sparkly, bright, fabulously soft yarn EVER!  It’s just so me I can hardly stand it!  More than once my boys have walked into the room to find me petting my wondermous yarn!






The pictures just don’t nearly do it enough justice to it’s fabulousness!  EEK!







And then of course I have my new do – mind you, this is a special treat for me.  I’ve never had my hair professionally done before!  (Well, I take that back.  I had someone do my hair for prom.)  *We’re on the grow out plan, I’ll have my long hair back very soon…. hopefully.*



Yes, that IS orange in my hair.  Love It!!


The pet’s are doing their own version of winterizing.


Josie hunkered under my blanket.


Kitty has found her spot.... and she's NOT moving!


Oly Monster in front of the heater.... *eye roll*



Little bits of happiness for each of us.  It’s our sunshine, while our sunshine is hidden.  We’re winterizing ourselves and hoping for a little ray of real sunshine in the midst of all this liquid sunshine.


*That being said.  The hubby was nice enough to point out that it’s cooled down to 85* where he is – the big stinker!  I suppose I can give him that, since he doesn’t get to see sky for months at a time. 


~ Any suggestions for little rays of sunshine during your winterization?




Any thoughts?

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