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Christmas in October October 26, 2011

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I know I’ve been gone for while – this being my peak sewing season.  You know, costumes and what-not.  And I’m nearly finished, which is a good thing, since the first-born has a costume party Friday and I still have the final touches on his costume.   No worries – pic’s will follow “Wesley and Buttercup’s” excitement!  Not to mention a gorilla, an alien and a miniature Darth Vader.

I’ve also finished a sweater for my MIL, that is blocking at this moment.  Pics will follow when it finishes.  I managed to make it slightly to small in the front – she’s way more endowed than I am (well who’s not!) and it was just right for me.  So I’m “heavily blocking” it, aka: stretching it, hoping it will fit her right, otherwise I’ll have to frog it and start over.


I’m not going to think of that right now….


I just finished packing up the hubby’s Christmas gifts.  Yes, I know, Halloween hasn’t even arrived and if you’re anything like I am I can’t stand seeing Christmas items in the store 3 months early!  However – if your ship is months away, now is the time to be sending off any goodies, gifts or yummies if you want to make sure it arrives on time.  From what I’ve been hearing, current estimate is 2 months delivery time – give or take a typhoon or two.

So what goodies will the hubby be receiving this year…


Ssshhh – Don’t tell the hubby!


My favorite gift of all however, would have to be the Jelly Belly jelly beans (I guess you can’t see them up there?)

This is just too cool!


C’mon – that’s just awesome!


I know – your mouth is watering.  Go clean yourself up!


Now see, this is where it starts to get *really* awesome…



See the little doohickey in the corner there?  Yeah, it’s so cool *snicker*!


No, it’s not a bomb!


This little guy is a recording device, not to record the hubby silly!  I recorded “5 o’clock somewhere”, so that when he opens the box, it will start singing!  OMG’sh – I have seriously outdone myself this time!  Hahaha!  I am so in love with this!

I just hope no-one else thinks it’s a bomb and it makes it to him ok? 



Here is his Christmas – all packed up neat, nice and cozy.  My prayers are with the chocolate… and always with the hubby.


Any thoughts?

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