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Coated in something November 27, 2011

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My coat is done *dancing a little jig* AND it looks great!

With the whole week off from school *another jig*, I was able to clip right along.  Well, except for that whole cooking for Thanksgiving thing.  But I didn’t let it hold me back too much – that’s what Thanksgiving morning is for right!

You got to see the inner workings last time, after which I was finally able to put the lining in.  The buttonholes are what really held me up however, and instead of machine holes that didn’t show up on this fabric, I did hand stitched buttonholes.


I really dislike buttonholes…


I put in an awesome looking inside welt pocket, for my cell phone or what not.



 The THREADS article I used to get this done suggests using silk organza to help turn the pocket, but since I’m a normal person and don’t have ANYTHING silk lying around, I used what I have plenty of; “recycled” dryer sheets.  Smells good and does the job!  Somewhere, there is a THREADS editor cringing…



And this is my final product –



THIS is a terrible picture of the pocket – It really does close all the way!
* Notice there is no close up of my buttonholes!


And now that, that’s done and I’m all warm and toasty, I can get started on Granny’s Christmas gift –



Mohair and silk with a bit of sparkle for a beautiful scarf.  I’m already on the 6th rep of a 13 rep pattern, so it should be done in plenty of time for Christmas.



*Now, for a safety warning.*



Who would have thought that hand sewing buttonholes could be so dangerous?  Well it can – and now you know why I dislike buttonholes… well at least part of the reason.  HA!




Kitty agree’s.  This whole sewing business is to darn dangerous and instead you should just take a nice, safe nap, preferably on something mom is working on.




Baby it’s cold outside! November 20, 2011

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s COLD out!  My feet are freezing!  Well, they’re always cold, but this week they’re REALLY COLD! 

In light of this, I’m putting off my two “sewing surprises” to make a coat, granted I already own a coat, but I wanted to make one – a “Pea coat” to be exact.  I’ve seen them at Old Navy and they’re a pretty good price, but that would be taking all the fun out of it!

M5525 – Modified view C

So off to the fabric store I went on Veteran’s day to get my mil discount and apparently I wasn’t the only one; the cashier automatically asked for my i.d. – first time that’s ever happened?  After gathering my great finds, off I went to wash and begin cutting.

I managed to get most of it finished after a long phone conversation with another mil spouse the other night.  I had also realized that the outside fabric wasn’t “beefy” enough and would let the air just pass straight through, so I added a little “insulation” and since this coat is lined, no one will know!

The very thin, natural batting I put in was hand sewn – so calming.  This should keep me very warm without a lot of bulk.  The lining to cover it up isn’t as exciting as usual, but it is beautiful.  I love linings, you can make them as crazy as you want – they don’t even have to match the item, and no one will know and then BAM!  You take it off (appropriately I hope) and there it is, you’re great lining! 

I spent most of yesterday finishing up necklaces for a customer out east, then worked on a few things for the coat and finished the “evening” off with a fb chat with the hubby at 4 am (isn’t that when most people talk with their spouse?).

Tonight I’ll be adding my own little touch to the coat; an inside pocket for my cell phone.  I took off most of the buckles and do-dads for my jacket anyway, I’m to small to have all that bogging me down.  So something extra will be nice.

I gave the boys the whole week off (the perks to being “administrator” among other roles) so I could get my baking done in time to head south to be with family for Thanksgiving, so that should also give me plenty of time to get the coat finished to wear there.

The baking should be nice also; something a little different, smells yummy and it’ll warm the house up because Baby – it’s cold outside!



CHEEZY! November 13, 2011

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This is a short post – it has nothing to do with the usual.  It’s mostly to show off my kid.  Which I don’t think I normally do?  So, if you don’t like shameless child promotion, then you many not want to click on the link.  But if a little goofiness might hit the spot then head on over!


This is the first-born and his friends at a talent show at church.  I thought they did pretty good.







La – la – la – la, I’m ignoring you! November 11, 2011

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Well not really – I swear… well, I don’t swear either, I keep a civil tongue.   But I promise, I’m not ignoring you!

I’ve been rather busy with projects for either me, Christmas or the boys.  But I guess that’s more of the usual?

I do have two projects in the works that are all hush-hush; those will be shown once I get them finished.  They’re pretty cool – so I want to build the suspense – HAHA!


As for what has been keeping me, let’s see here….




A little something for my MIL.  It’s actually one of my favorite sweater patterns because you can wear it all day long on a cold day and feel just perfect since it’s open in the front.  If you get cold, you just wrap it around you.  Granted – this is not a yarn I would have chosen, but then, the first sweater I made with this pattern was with my Red Heart and it’s one of my favorites (and the hubby’s least favorite….).  She picked out the yarn and said create, so create I did!





These are my new socks, taking a bath.  I made them from the left-overs from the hubby’s – so now we match.  Isn’t that just so darn, make ya’ want to gag, cute.  HA!





This would be the almost completed Christmas present for my MIL.  If you’ve been following along you may be thinking to yourself, “Didn’t she just finish one of these in that horrid color pink”?  And you’d be right!  I did, for Granny and as I predicted, my MIL loved it and is hinting.  But I only suffer through pink for Granny, so blue it is!  Not to mention the yarn was on an excellent sale – BONUS!  The boys picked out the bead color – so it’s a can’t lose on this one, the grandboys assisted!





This is the beginning of a new sweater for myself.  YAY!  I actually wanted it in brown, but without thinking last winter, I made the hubby’s sweater in the brown – la sigh, so I’m getting the grey.  But it’s the same sweater that I made the hubby last winter when we went to Disney World. 

Ok – now that’s two matching…. ew.





No – this isn’t a sewing project per se, but it is a monumental task!  I’ve been organizing my patterns a little better.  I still need two more crates to ease things up a bit in my collection.  They’ve been stuffed in there so tight, I wasn’t actually able to see my patterns.  So, that would make 16 crates (after the next two) and about 400 patterns?  I told the hubby – “Patterns are like crack to a sewer, you always need more!”  I don’t think he bought it?





And finally, a major project thanks to the first-born.  No, I’m not delving into the realm of car repair (yet).  But it took us several days to find a lock smith who could help us out with our “issue”.  The first-born lost his keys, the only keys and normally this would be a small, minor  problem.  However, his car is “special”.  As in, someone tried to play mechanic and botched the job.  They needed to replace the ignition and did so by welding AND hair banding it into place….. So, when we needed to replace the key, instead of them just reprogramming a key and cutting a new one, they had to replace the whole ignition, which took them HOURS to drill it out thanks to the welding… and hair bands.  So my son’s car was held together by HAIR BANDS!  Oy! 


So see, I haven’t been ignoring you – I’ve been stock piling!


Thank you, thank you – now hand over your candy November 1, 2011

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Costumes are done and have been worn, the candy has been handed out and the pumpkins are now scorched and dark.  It’s been a long couple of weeks, but it was well worth it to see the excitement once again on my boys’ faces when they donned their costumes and headed out!






I promised pics when their costumes were done and worn.  Well, they’ve done been worn.  *snicker*

Let me refresh you:  The first-born asked to be Wesley from Princess Bride, but he also needed a costume for his Buttercup –




After his party, he brought me this – 



They won first prize for their costumes and since they didn’t know who should take the ribbon home, they gave the costume maker the ribbon – *sniffle* 



It will remain proudly on my wall!




~ He’s already planning next years costume ~


The third-born wanted to be a gorilla, the mask we ordered, but the body we made –



*Please excuse the alien stalking him*


The only problem I have with his costume, is the mask didn’t come with a long enough neck.  I also had to attach a head to the back, making it a hood.  He was very happy with his costume – he was also very warm!  Next year he’s requested a chest on his costume; I told him to start working out tomorrow – heeheehee!


Happy dentists’ job security day! ~