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CHEEZY! November 13, 2011

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This is a short post – it has nothing to do with the usual.  It’s mostly to show off my kid.  Which I don’t think I normally do?  So, if you don’t like shameless child promotion, then you many not want to click on the link.  But if a little goofiness might hit the spot then head on over!


This is the first-born and his friends at a talent show at church.  I thought they did pretty good.







2 Responses to “CHEEZY!”

  1. sewfordough Says:

    OMG, that was awesome! They have great timing and choreography and I loved how many dances they included. How long did it take them to practice this for the show? I am impressed!

    • blankenmom Says:

      Thanks! I’ll let him know you liked it. He and his friends practiced for weeks and had such a great time. They’re already planning next years. Which means a whole year of listening to the same songs over and over, and carrying on a conversation with a dancing “child”. It’s totally worth it for the entertainment though. 😉 (Mom’s of children in dance/flag/or plays probably already deal with this – this is something new to this “soccer mom”)

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